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Latest Episodes

Catholic Answers Live
WITH Cy Kellett

Catholic Answers Live, is a daily, two-hour radio program dedicated to Catholic apologetics and evangelization. According to listener surveys, it is a runaway favorite on Catholic stations across America.

Lisa Hendey and Friends
WITH Lisa Hendey

Lisa Hendey and Friends invites you into dialogue with authors and entertainment industry professionals, spiritual bright lights and seekers, and whoever else Lisa meets along her daily journey. From LA to Kenya and all points in between, come along for the conversation!

The Road to Emmaus
WITH Dr. Scott Hahn

From the St. Paul Center, Scott Hahn presents the deeply biblical roots of Catholic teaching and practice. Join him to learn how Sacred Scripture forms and informs our notions of morality and spirituality, liturgy and the sacraments, and so much more.

The Bible Study Evangelista
WITH Sonja Corbitt

We learn how to LOVE the Word™ like Mary, from Mary. She teaches us to interpret the word we hear and read through the landscape of our lives. Sonja’s LOVE the Word™ initiative and other Bible study media create space for busy Christians to hear and experience God.

Off the Shelf
WITH Pete Socks

Take an inside look at some of today’s most current Catholic book releases. Join host Pete Socks and his author guests each week to explore the ideas behind their books and how they can impact your faith journey.

All Things Are Possible with God
WITH John Michael Talbot

Feeling depressed or discouraged? Multi-platinum selling, Grammy / Dove award winning Contemporary Christian Music Legend John Michael Talbot helps listeners every week realize that there is no reason to despair as all things ARE possible with God!

The Frank Friar
WITH Fr. Nicholas Blackwell

The Frank Friar Podcast is just that ‘frank.’ Why?  Because each podcast episode is like a mini-retreat for your day.  It is a way for you to receive quickly little spiritual insights from the Carmelite Tradition with in the Catholic Church.

A Seeking Heart
WITH Allison Gingras

A Seeking Heart is for people seeking some type of connection with Jesus, faith, and others who are also seeking.  It is a search for grace through prayer, scripture, and the beauty of the Sacraments. All of this wrapped into our every day, ordinary lives.

Weekly Reflections
WITH Bishop Ronald Gainer

Each week Bishop Ronald W. Gainer of the Diocese of Harrisburg provides listeners with thirty-second reflections on the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday.

Characters of the Reformation
WITH Fr Dwight Longenecker

Published in 1937, Hilaire Belloc’s Characters of the Reformation is a brisk and brusque character study of the leading players in the great drama of the 16th and 17th centuries. Fr Longenecker reads an abridged version of Belloc’s text and adds his own observations and illuminating comments.

True Fairytales
WITH Fr Dwight Longenecker

Are fairy tales true? In one way they are more true than yesterday’s news. That is because the stories speak truth even though they are not factually true. Fr Longenecker explores the mystery and meaning of fantasy literature with some explanation followed by him telling a fairy tale. Some of them are classics, some are his own creations. Listen to True Fairytales with Fr Dwight Longenecker.

Triumphs and Tragedies
WITH Fr Dwight Longenecker

Triumphs and Tragedies is a twenty part series on the history of the Catholic Church. With one episode for each century, Fr Longenecker gives an overview of the heresies, corruption and persecutions, but also the saints, the power and the glory of the Catholic Church.

The Future Church
WITH Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Join Father Dwight Longenecker as he discusses John Allen Jr’s The Future Church.

Chuck ‘n Ann on Finance
WITH Chuck and Ann Fulkerson

Each week learn what happened in the markets and why, pull some news headlines , drop some knowledge on well-known and lesser-known financial topics with a fresh perspective and entertaining explanations, and deliver ways to plan for the future and be a good steward of the money in your account.

Two Guys and a Gospel
WITH Fr. Ricardo Martin and Fr. Phillip Bogacki

A fresh, inspiring reflection on the weekly Gospel comes from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Offering you useful insights to understanding and applying the Gospel to your life, Two Guys and a Gospel invite you into their casual conversation where they brainstorm their homilies, reflect on the Gospel reading and discuss parish life.

Journey with Judy
WITH Judy Hehr

Bankrupt at 20, Millionaire at 30, Single Homeless, Drug Addicted at 22, A Healthy Mother of 4 at 34, College Dropout at 22, a Seminary Graduate at 42. Scorned, Broken and almost Divorced at 37, Sanctified in a Thriving Marriage at 45. Judy empowers audiences of all ages and stages of faith and life to get past the past and realize it’s never to late to be who God calls you to be!

Young Catholics Respond
WITH Bill Snyder

Young Catholics Respond is the flagship program of Patchwork Heart Radio, the official podcast station of Patchwork Heart Ministry. The weekly program features engaging guests and conversations about topics relevant to Young Catholics. You will hear powerful conversion stories, personal witnesses and discussions with top Catholic personalities.

Setting the Record Straight
WITH Chuck Coughlin

On each episode of “Setting the Record Straight” you will hear another fascinating yet neglected story from two thousand years of magnificent achievements of the Catholic Church. Historical Apologist Charles Coughlin presents these intriguing stories based upon respected and authoritative historical sources.

Catholic Answers Focus
WITH Catholic Answers

Catholic Answers Focus highlights in-depth conversations with Catholic leaders, newsmakers, and unsung heroes of faith. With a wide array of topics and guests, and compelling commentary on current events, Catholic Answers Focus has something for everyone.

Forte Catholic
WITH Taylor Schroll

The goal of Forte Catholic is to #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. No matter where you are on your journey with God we want to help you take the next step by inspiring, uplifting, and sharing the Good News…all while laughing along the way.

The Catholic Man Show
WITH Adam Minihan and David Niles

The Catholic Man Show started in May of 2016 when Adam Minihan and David Niles realized, after running a Catholic radio station in Tulsa, the need for Catholic radio programs for men. Real, relatable, and often comical, Adam and David have a conversation promoting the lost art of living virtuously.

Clean Sweep
WITH Fr. Ed Broom

Join Father Ed Broom each week as he covers all facets of the Catholic faith including Spiritual Exercises, Perseverance in Divine Mercy, the Sacraments (Baptisms and Weddings), and Marian Consecration.

Forming Faithful Families
WITH James Littleton

Forming Faithful Families is a faithful and trustworthy radio program in service to the New Evangelization saturated with scripture, and containing teaching, reflections, anecdotes and encouragement pertaining to our Catholic Faith, with a substantial focus on Marriage and Family Life Faith Formation.

Real Living
WITH Mary Lou Nemecek and Lavinia Spirito

After almost two decades of conducting a weekly scripture study and developing a companion radio show, Mary Lou Nemecek and Lavinia Spirito challenge and encourage you to engage your everyday life with a Catholic mindfulness and awareness in their show Real Living.

Shoot the Shiitake
WITH Father Leo Patalinghug

Father Leo talks with unique and interesting guests from all walks of life – drawing out connections to help bridge social divides. You may not expect what two completely different people have in common, but this show will bring people to a better understanding of how we’re all connected.

Everyday Spirituality
WITH Marge Fenelon

Catholic spirituality isn’t just for Sunday Mass – it’s for every day, all day. Marge offers practical application of faith to life using Mary as model. Mary was the first to hear and spread the Good News. She is entirely devoted to her Son, Jesus and to doing God’s will. That makes her the first and greatest disciple and our prime example of Catholic spirituality. Join Marge for joy, inspiration, and simple, everyday spirituality with a Marian twist.

Beneath the Surface
WITH Paul Murano

Beneath the Surface with Paul Murano is a unique talk show that explores the bigger questions of life many people are “too busy” or fearful to approach. It is a gathering of Truth-seekers, in the spirit of Socrates, whose natural curiosity and wonder are still in tact. Delve beneath the surface with us — where faith and reason meet.

33 Days to Morning Glory
WITH Mary Graham

33 Days to Morning Glory is an extraordinary 33-day journey to Marian Consecration by Fr. Michael Gaitley. The book takes you to the heart of Jesus through Mary by learning about four spiritual giants: St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Pope St. John Paul II. This is the companion podcast.

The John 3:30 Podcast
WITH Jason Nunez

The John 3:30 Podcast shares stories of everyday people who are in love with the Catholic Faith. They share how they keep their fire burning, day after day.

Thriving in the Trenches
WITH Becky Carter

With your host, Becky Carter, you will hear stories of real people with real purpose all for a God who loves with a real love. The trenches, where life isn’t always easy, but it is a place for women to be encouraged and equipped to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their feminine vocations. It’s a place to go deeper in faith in God, his Church, and in friendships. You are welcome here.

Mary’s Touch
WITH Alexis Walkenstein

For ten years, Mary’s Touch Radio Show has featured countless stories of Catholic Marian devotion, and that foundation has paved the way for a new generation to be introduced to the teaching, devotion and reality of Mary’s presence in today’s world.

The Whaley Show
WITH Andrew Whaley

Feverishly interested in everything, Andrew covers a wide array of topics, spiritual and otherwise, with his hallmark brand of edgy self-deprecating humor, intellectual speculation, and deep wonder.

Out of the Blue
WITH  Sr Mary Clare and Sr Charista Marie

Our podcasts are born out of “Shades of Blue”, an MOME Ministry. “Shades of Blue” is all that is GOOD, all that is TRUE, all that is BEAUTIFUL, all that is HOLY, all that is PURE, all that is VIRTUOUS, all that is MARY! We desire to counteract that culture of “Shades of Grey”, all that is evil, all that is untrue, all that is ugly, all that is unholy, all that is impure, all that is non-virtuous all that is  the enemy of Mary (Satan) who seeks to deceive, kill, and destroy!

Church of the Nativity Weekly Message
WITH Father Michael White

Every week Father Michael White and the staff of Church of the Nativity located in Timonium, MD bring you a new installment in their weekly message series. Learn and grow in your faith with the parish that brought you Rebuilt.

Rebuilt Podcast
WITH  Kellie Caddick and Tom Corcoran

Growing a healthy parish requires more than we can do alone. The Rebuilt Parish Podcast exists to equip pastors and parish leaders to help make church matter in their community.

WITH  Women in the New Evangelization hosts

On the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s prophetic and ground-breaking encyclical on human life, Humanae Vitae, WINE: Women In the New Evangelization is offering the powerful testimony of woundedness, mercy, and healing, presented by author, teacher and speaker, Alyssa Bormes.

Catholic Minimalism
WITH  Sterling Jacquith

Catholic Minimalism is first and foremost about living an intentional life that points you to Jesus. We talk about how to tackle our stuff, our calendars, and what we put in our minds! You can be a minimalist even with a tight budget, a large family, a homeschooling lifestyle, and an iPhone! Sterling answers weekly questions from listeners and gives you hope that you can find freedom with less!

Catholic Minimalism
WITH  Sterling Jacquith

Coffee & Pearls packs a lot of wisdom in 15 minutes because hey, moms are busy! Sterling talks about a wide range of topics including faith, marriage, motherhood, health, finances, homemaking and recharging! She promises to give you practical takeaways to strive for sainthood in everyday mom life!

Inscapes Podcast
WITH  Luke Burgis and Joshua Miller

The Inscapes podcast explores stories of personal vocation, by Dr. Joshua Miller and Luke Burgis, authors of the book “Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person.” Take a journey into the stories of people who have discovered, embraced, and lived to the full a unique and unrepeatable calling in the world, from homeschooling parents to politicians to doctors and priests—each of them living out their vocation in a totally unique way, responding to the call of God.

No Spin Homilies
WITH  Father Dan Volkert

The primary mission of No Spin Homilies is to teach people about Sacred Scripture and help them to not only grow in wisdom and love of it but, also, to apply it in their daily lives.  St. Jerome once said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” We hope and pray that you will grow in the knowledge of Christ and the teachings of His church. In doing so, we will draw upon the great resources of Roman Catholic art, philosophy, theology, and the lives of the saints in order to grow in our understanding of Jesus Christ and to live out the life He calls us all to live.

Catholic Dads Podcast
WITH  Chad Williams and Jeff Dodge

The tagline for our podcast is “Just a couple of Catholic Dads trying to keep it real while living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  Our goal is to present authentic Catholic fatherhood – which often means acknowledging our struggles and shortcomings.  We know that it’s hard to live the Christian life, and we hope to inspire other Catholic Dads out there that while it may be hard, it’s definitely worth it!

Good News Refletions
WITH  Good News Ministries

From Good News Ministries comes five-minutes of daily life-enriching reflections on the readings from the Catholic Mass that will make the scriptures meaningful for your everyday life.

Manage Your Money God’s Way
WITH  Jon and Evelyn Bean

The Manage Your Money God’s Way podcast is not about the money, it’s about the change—the change in your heart. Join us as we talk about ways to be a good steward of the money and possessions God has given you.  We aren’t going to tell you where or how to invest or which mutual fund is the best, or which stock to buy, but we are going to challenge your mindset about integrating faith and finances.

The Dignity of Women
WITH  Kimberly Cook

The Dignity of Women podcast focuses on reclaiming femininity in the modern age. It challenges feminist viewpoints and the objectification of persons. The Dignity of Women calls us to higher virtue and nobility of character, so that men must aspire to be worthy of us, and that through Christ, beauty will save the world.

Clumsy Theosis
WITH  Richael Lucero

Clumsy Theosis is a production of Catholic Answers. I’m your host, Richaél. I hold a master’s degree in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. Each week we’ll explore a topic within the Catholic faith in order to enrich our spiritual life, take ownership of our relationship with the Big Guy upstairs, and strengthen his Church. Become who you were created to be with Clumsy Theosis—the place to transform the world by transforming yourself.

Liturgy Live
WITH  Fr Ian Van Heusen and Alanna Burg

On Liturgy Live Fr Ian Van Heusen and Alanna Burg discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday. They look at the context and history, the spiritual impact, and the cultural perspective of the scriptures. They address hard topics with practical advice, and are always in a perspective of learning new things and growing through the show. Enjoy the podcast of the shows.

The Good News Show
WITH  Good News Ministries

The Good News Show helps you live your best faith. Included are series with 5 to 6 minutes of inspirational teachings, single episodes on different topics to build your faith, and interviews that will uplift you and strengthen your own resolve to depend on God in all the challenges of life.

WITH Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

Conversations with Archbishop Kurtz is a 30-minute show featuring an ongoing conversation with Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz and his guests about the Archdiocese of Louisville, his involvement with the larger Church (both nationally and globally), and issues of faith in general.

Five Minutes
WITH Tony Agnesi

Add some joy to your life!  Be inspired. Catholic Storyteller Tony Agnesi shares inspirational stories in five minutes or less in these snackable podcasts. A great way to start your day on a positive note.

Holy Smokes Catholic Review
WITH Fr. Scott Mansfield, Tony Wilimitis, Will Tapia

The Holy Smokes: Catholic Review is a weekly podcast hosted by Fr. Scott Mansfield, Pastor of St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Rio Rancho, NM; Tomy Wilimitis, Director of Formation; and Will Tapia, Director of Development.

The Champions Podcast
WITH Mike Rubin and Coach Phil Albert

The Champions Podcast is where we share stories of faith being activated through sports. We will interview high school, college, professional and former professional coaches and players, many who were involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and will let them share their faith journey.

Live a Little
WITH Derya Little

How can we come alive in this dead culture? How can we share the Faith with Muslims and atheists? How can we talk to lukewarm Catholics, agnostics and anyone in between? Join the conversation to swim against the stream. Let’s “Live a Little” and bring the lost to life together!

Raising Saints
WITH Alexandra Sullivan and Fr. Michael Connolly

Kids have the most beautiful insights into the Catholic faith, but sometimes their questions are difficult to answer. On Raising Saints, we are a priest and a mom who are eager to do our best to answer kids’ questions on God, the Church, the faith, and more!

Footsteps to Heaven
WITH Terry Modica

Life’s a journey full of challenges. When we walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the Father designed for us, the results are better than we could ask for or imagine.

Touching the Sun
WITH Sister Kathryn Kermes

Join Sister Kathryn Hermes for soul healing conversations and meditations for courage in a broken world.

The Gary Zimak Show
WITH Gary Zimak

Join Catholic speaker and best selling author Gary Zimak for 30 minutes of discussion about Jesus and how He wants to be a part of your daily life.

The Story in the Bible
WITH Terry Modica

The Story in the Bible is a series covering the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Terry Modica describes how the many stories of the Old Testament reveal the story of Jesus, the story of salvation — and also the story of your life, too! Find out how it all ties together.

Salt and Light
WITH Chuck and Ann Fulkerson

If you are bored with Catholicism, don’t understand the Mass or the point, find the Gospels confusing or flat or uninteresting, want to learn more about the Church who Jesus himself established, or want to learn how to have a rich and fruitful relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, let us give it a shot!!

The Storytellers
WITH Tony Agnesi

Inspirational storyteller and Hall of Fame broadcaster Tony Agnesi invites weekly guests to share their heartwarming and inspiring stories of God’s grace in their lives. You will be inspired by these wonderful stories.

Good Things Radio
WITH Brooke Taylor

A lively show focusing on the good that life has to offer while going through the joys and challenges of parenthood, married life, culture, friendship and faith.