/, Uncategorized/#8747 Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger – Gary Michuta

#8747 Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger – Gary Michuta

Questions Covered:

15:14 – Was there ever a book of Enoch in the Bible?
17:39 – Why do Protestants not have the Apocrypha?
24:05 – Did Martin Luther remove James, Peter, and Revelation from the Bible? Are they there now because people wanted them back?
29:28 – Has a question about the Deuterocanonicals and your book.
31:34 – Does the fact that some of our celebrated traditions are not founded in approved Scripture discredit those traditions or ideas?
38:06 – How was Scripture given to us and passed down?
43:53 – I am curious about the different versions of Catholic bibles. Why don’t…

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