Interview Discussion Included:
  • 7 stages of Romance – how we progress in our life with Christ
  • Are you ready to move beyond Dating Jesus, and go all the way?
  • Would you rather be in the Kitchen eating Spaghetti with Jesus or Steak with a counterfeit?
  • Rhythm and Reality of an authentic relationship with Christ
  • The Hot Fudge Sundae Theory
  • T-shirt wanted, “I am in an Eternal Divine Romance with Jesus”
  • Princess dreams and fairytales, are not all bad – if they are not distorted!
  • That moment I realize I AM in the book!! Lol.. honest Rose, I read the whole thing (except that part of the chapter where you not only share my leprosy hand kissing story but use my name!
  • Vineyard Care – Battlefields and WOMEN In the New Evangelization (WINE) and on Facebook: RoseSweetTalk