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Alexandra Sullivan is the co-host of Raising Saints, a podcast inspired by her goddaughter’s questions about the faith. She is a wife and mother to 3 children and spends a lot of time volunteering at the kids’ school and making PB&J. The rest of her time is divided between her photography business, and her faith-based blog, called Transform Our Hearts, where she hopes to inspire others to deepen their faith.

Ordained May 26th, 2018, Fr. Michael Connolly is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York. Fr. Connolly grew up in St. Augustine’s Parish in Ossining, NY. He attended Kennedy Catholic High School where he was a member of the football team as well as the musical theatre program and Fordham University where he studied music and philosophy. Having been inspired by his loving family and wonderful parish priests, Fr. Connolly has always felt called to the priesthood, though he tried, at times, to ignore that call! He is incredibly grateful to God to be a priest and serving the wonderful people of St. Columba Church in Hopewell Junction, NY. When he’s not celebrating Holy Mass, Fr. Connolly loves to sing and play music. He is especially excited about spending time with the children of St. Denis-St. Columba School.

Raising Saints – 009 Be Not Afraid

Today is a little different. We break from our usual format of answering questions to talk as the Holy Spirit moved us. We discuss the darkness in the world around us, and how we will all likely encounter resistance to our faith. But that we should be not afraid because God is always with us. And we encourage all our listeners to be lights of Christ in the world. Plus, if you’re a Batman fan, Father Connolly does an impression of Bane from The Dark Night.

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Raising Saints – 008 The Purpose of Sacraments & Dealing with a Frustrating Person

Father Connolly brought a question from the 3rd grade class at St. Columba school. A student asked: What is the point of the sacraments? As we answer this question we also address a question from a parent, Kristy, who wonders why we go to Confession rather than just asking Jesus to forgive us privately. And then Will in 4th grade asks us to tackle a difficult issue – how to show compassion to a frustrating classmate!

Please forgive the background noise and the 3 year old yelling for mommy in this episode! (#CatholicMomLife)

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Raising Saints – 007 Abstaining from meat & Jesus’ 40 days in the desert

As we complete 40 days of Lent, Evie brings us a perfectly timed question – why did Jesus wander in the dessert for 40 days? And her younger sister, Chiara, age 8, asks why we are supposed to abstain from eating meat on Fridays in Lent. But did you know that the Church recommends we do this year round?

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Raising Saints – 006 All About Faith

In this episode, we answer 3 questions all about faith. First, Grace, age 7, and her 2nd grade faith formation class, would like to know when CCD was started. Then, Marcelo, age 6, wonders how faith develops in people! Our final caller, Nick, 6th grade, wants to know what “the word” is when we say at Mass “only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” That question was actually submitted by two kids – the exact same question – one caller, one by email! WOW!

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Raising Saints – 005 Dinosaurs & Dogs

If you are a parent, you have probably heard one, or both, of today’s questions. Mason, 2nd grade, would like to know if Jesus was alive during the time of the dinosaurs. And Gracie, age 11, is curious if her beloved dog will be in heaven.

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