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Allison Gingras is the founder of where she blogs about ordinary, every day living of the Catholic faith.  Over the last 10 years in Catholic Ministry, Allison has created a BLINK series on Catholic TV; hosted A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras, and developed the “Words with” daily devotional App called Words with Jesus. Allison’s writing credits include The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, the Created to Relate companion journal; and the Good Enough Parenting CareNote with Abbey Press. Her newest project, the Catholic 24/7 Faith Sharing Journal Series for Women, will be available in late Summer, 2018. Allison offers inspirational presentations on: Seeking Forgiveness, Trust, and JOY!  Currently consulting as a Social Media Specialist for Kennedy Brownrigg Catholic Marketing Group, Catholic Marketing Network, and WINE: Women in the New Evangelization.  She contributed to, WINE, Catholic Stand, Catholic Lane, Catechist Magazine, Shalom Magazine, New Evangelizers, Our Sunday Visitor, and the Catholic Writer’s Guild.

​A Seeking Heart is for people seeking some type of connection with Jesus, faith, and others who are also seeking.  It is a search for grace through prayer, scripture, and the beauty of the Sacraments. All of this wrapped into our every day, ordinary lives.

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras – A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Romance (Tan Books) Interview with Rose Sweet

Interview Discussion Included:
  • 7 stages of Romance – how we progress in our life with Christ
  • Are you ready to move beyond Dating Jesus, and go all the way?
  • Would you rather be in the Kitchen eating Spaghetti with Jesus or Steak with a counterfeit?
  • Rhythm and Reality of an authentic relationship with Christ
  • The Hot Fudge Sundae Theory
  • T-shirt wanted, “I am in an Eternal Divine Romance with Jesus”
  • Princess dreams and fairytales, are not all bad – if they are not distorted!
  • That moment I realize I AM in the book!! Lol.. honest Rose, I read the whole thing (except that part of the chapter where you not only share my leprosy hand kissing story but use my name!
  • Vineyard Care – Battlefields and WOMEN In the New Evangelization (WINE) and on Facebook: RoseSweetTalk

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A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras – A Catholic Woman’s Guide to Romance

Discussions and Topics Include:
  • How religion can inform our conception of romantic love
  • Seek and you will find – God making himself known and ‘seen’
    • Psalm 37:4 – Our Hearts Desire
  • My not so romantic marriage proposal from my hubby – though I did say YES
  • Hearing the Bridegroom call us and saying, “yes”
  • The unexpected, sweet blessing my newly ordained Deacon Hubby gives
    • Blessing our children, grandchildren, loved ones
  • Unveiling the secrets of the love hidden in the Mass
  • The Scriptures as a Love Letter
  • Our understanding of Romantic Love formed by our family history

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