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The Whaley Show is a podcast by Andrew Whaley, founder of the apostolate Calix. Andrew brings his unique take on things from over 20 years of studying philosophy, theology, art, business, and design while processing those ideas daily over the bar in his coffeehouses with people of all walks of life, most of them being the unchurched/dechurched. Feverishly interested in everything, Andrew covers a wide array of topics, spiritual and otherwise, with his hallmark brand of edgy self-deprecating humor, intellectual speculation, and deep wonder. Interviews range from major Catholic figures and intellectuals to interesting characters with good story or an insight to bring. So, if you’re interested in a new form of Catholic radio, buckle up and tune in.

Episode 18: Roadtrip to the Promised Land

In this episode Andrew recaps a trip to his old stomping grounds in Columbia, MO to see Perry West and Fr. Reginald, covering college towns, a proper bookstore, a surprise hit coffee from Myanmar, the second best sushi he’s ever had, and good times had by all.  The, after a brief look at the books in his life currently, he rants on the current state of the political divide using  a topic in a debate between McKaskill and Hawley in MO to call for more conversation and a movement away from the fringes, with the obligatory plug for Catholic Social Teaching. Finally, Andrew does a deep dive muse on empathy, what it is, why we need it, its role in conversation and personal connection, its distinction from sympathy, and its relationship to humility, and so much more.

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Episode 17: There’s No Place Like Home. (Actually, There’s a Lot of Places Like Home)

In this episode the death of a high school friend takes Andrew on a road trip back to his home town. Through reflecting on this trip he visits St. Genevieve and the studio of Ali Cavanaugh, takes a drive through his old stomping grounds, drinks some bad but coincidental coffee, sees some telling Trump signs, reflects on the idiocracy of the current political moment, bemoans the use of crosswalks, the tyranny of phones, and college students held up in their rooms, muses on The Night Watch and the nature of “live”, considering millennial parish trends, the nature of community, and so much more.

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Episode 16: The Whaley Show

In this episode, after a chatty segment about Fall, homecoming, the new office, a shameless Calix plug, a robot chair, and the cat rejecting food and falling through holes, Andrew does a lengthy conversation with his friend Noelle Mering about her new article in The Federalist about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the weaponization of suffering, followed by a sincere and possibly ill-advised conversation attempt to look a the modern landscape of power, privilege, identity, activism, etc. She was brilliant. Andrew? Well….

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Episode 15: The Whaley Show

In this episode: double culpa, travel shenanigans, SoCal bliss, keto fails, Thomas Fire, Shobefest, his happiest place in the universe, commentary on the Kavanaugh circus, $1.50 for air and the loss of service culture, 48, disappointing Indian Food, Chef’s Table, the loss of culture, killing chickens, college towns, a muse on the concept A Movable Feast, and so much more.

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Episode 14: The Whaley Show

In this all chat and muse episode Andrew breaks his rule already about talking about the scandal, but covers fasting, cell death, weight loss, break-fast, being on fire, Santa Barbara Keto Crawl, Mom makes her own tea, Mr. Man gets attacked by inanimate objects, half a bowl of food = the apocalypse, Perception vs. reality, LSD, faculties and objects, The Abolition of Man, Matrix in the seminar, being loved as self disclosure, Fr. Jaques Phillipe, espousal vs. single, celibate vs. single, sonship identity, and prison sex and the scandal. https://tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/ne4ang/your-brain-can-be-tricked-into-thinking-an-experience-is-meaningful?utm_source=tonicfbus

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