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Becky Carter and her tall, dashing husband are raising their five children in Northwest Arkansas. Becky is a Catholic revert, freelance writer, and podcaster who is passionate about Jesus, Scripture, and hosting a good party. Life with the Carter Clan isn’t always easy, but it’s always a blessing. She is pursuing joy in the trenches of motherhood.

With your host, Becky Carter, you will hear stories of real people with real purpose all for a God who loves with a real love. The trenches, where life isn’t always easy, but it is a place for women to be encouraged and equipped to uniquely and universally serve Christ in their feminine vocations. It’s a place to go deeper in faith in God, his Church, and in friendships. You are welcome here.

Thriving in the Trenches – Struggling onto Freedom with Virtue

This week I welcome back previous guest, Susan Husband-wife, mom of seven boys, and a woman after God’s own heart. Susan’s conversation does focus on training up children in virtue, but all that we speak of is applicable to all of us as we struggle on to freedom in Christ through the virtues that God graces us with. Take a listen, share with a friend, and let us persevere as we carry our crosses in life and finish out this Lenten season. Come on Easter!

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Thriving in the Trenches – Kessie Thomas

God has created in each one of us uniqueness and beauty that reflects his goodness and calling — our creator’s fingerprint on our souls. From a young age, Kessie Thomas was gathering people into communities with the purpose to grow others in faith. Hear how this south Louisiana woman said, “yes”, gathered other willing co-founders, and allowed God to grow it all into a women’s conference that reached the hearts of 700 women.

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Thriving in the Trenches – Relaunch

Welcome Back! Host, Becky Carter, relaunches the podcast by sharing how God led her back to the microphone and how she plans to continue on with the original mission of encouraging women to serve Christ in their feminine vocation. Check out the new look and the new sound!

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Thriving in the Trenches – Discussing Today’s Tough Moral Issues with Leilla Miller

Do you wrestle with the hot topic issues in our culture? Do have a hard time wrapping your own mind around them? Are you looking for ways to start having these conversations with your children of any age? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is an episode we hope you will find very helpful. Leila Miller, our guest, considers this day and time an age of unreason. Far too many issues of the day are looked at and judged using human feelings in the name of mercy. We need to use our reason and most importantly, we need to teach our children to use theirs. The understanding of the objective truths in today’s tough moral issues will keep us rooted in Christ, our Catholic faith, and freed from the yoke of secular slavery. 
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Thriving in the Trenches – How Becoming a Parent Brings Us Closer to God

Becoming a parent typically takes one on a bit of a roller coaster ride. This journey of being a parent has many ups and downs and even some sharp turns and stomach losing drops that can really take us off guard. Motherhood has brought innumerable lessons to many of us including a few surprising twists. Raising our children is not just about them growing in faith but also our sanctification. Lindsay Schlegel shares some of the points from her new book that have begun to shape her as a mother and a child of God. The conversation was a very sweet opportunity to encourage all of us in our individual vocations.

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