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#186 Counterfeit Christs (Part 1) – Trent Horn

Trent Horn’s new book explores the many ways Christ is falsely presented. He discusses these “counterfeit Christs” and why the real Christ is so much better.

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#185 God Wants You to Rest – Michael Naughton

Michael Naughton, the author of Labor and Leisure: The Integration of Faith and Work in a Divided World, explains the Judeo-Christian view of rest, most especially the need to rest on the Lord’s Day.
Cy Kellett:                           Hello and welcome again to Catholic Answers Focus. I am Cy Kellett your host. And there is lots of talk everywhere these days about finding balance, which suggests a lot of people are having trouble finding balance. Very few people seem to be able to do it. It may b…

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#182 The Witness of the Anti-Christians – Gary Michuta

The author of Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger and Hostile Witnesses explains why Christianity’s enemies actually give us a great deal of insight into how the earliest Christians lived and what they believed.

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