Mike Rubin is an Area Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in York County, PA. Prior to his time at FCA, he was a Children’s Ministry Director for seven years. He has coached high school, college, and elite showcase baseball. He is the proud husband to his wife Shannon and their two children beautiful Eli (7 years old), and Naomi (4 years old).

Coach Phil Albert was the head football coach for Towson University from 1972 to 1991. He was named “Coach of the Year” five times. He coached 28 All-Americans and four NFL players. While at Towson he led the Tigers to four trips to the NCAA playoffs including a trip to the Division III National Championship game in 1976. He led the Tiger program as it went from NCAA Division III to NCAA Division II and then NCAA Division I-AA. From 1994-2001 he worked with the San Diego Chargers organization as their advanced game-day scout. In 1994, Albert was inducted into the Towson Hall of Fame. He is the proud husband to Kay, his wife of 52 years, and has three grown children and eight grand children.

The Champions Podcast is where we share stories of faith being activated through sports. We will interview high school, college, professional and former professional coaches and players, many who were involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We will let them share their faith journey and also hear how FCA played a role in growing their foundation. We will find out how they navigated their faith, hear stories of their upbringing, and who played major roles in helping mentor them to get to where they are in their journey today. To learn more about FCA visit

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Champions Podcast – Episode 3 – Luke Wollet

In the third episode of the Champions Podcast, our hosts Mike Rubin and Coach Phil are joined by Luke Wollet, former Kent State and New Orleans Saints safety. Luke shares his incredible faith journey, and talks about the career-ending battle with drug addiction. We get our second segments of “Eli Wants to Know” and “Coaches Corner”. Some interesting nuggets from our conversation with Luke:
*”I am thankful that God transformed one of the greatest pains and darkest times into a purpose.”
* He talks about how one “innocent” decision to take a percocet to help with pain, turned into a full blown heroin addiction.
* He talked about running to the bathroom to get high during a workout with the New Orleans Saints.
* “The football mentality of handling your own problems. You got yourself into something, you get yourself out.”
* “The number one thing the enemy wants is for us to be isolated”
* Coach Phil shared the mindset of many coaches, “We don’t want to know as coaches, we want to win and if I know, then I have to do something about it.”
* “Winning can’t be the goal, it has to be the byproduct.”
* Luke talks about getting to the point where he felt like the world would be better without him here and then the divine appointment of his father driving four and a half hours and showing up at his door that night.
* “I didn’t have the courage to ask for help, but thank God I had the courage to accept it.”
* Being told to read Esther 4:14 and the impact of that.
* “It’s relationship over religion”

Bible Verses Discussed
* James 4:8a – Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. (ESV)
* Romans 10:9 – because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. (ESV)
* John 10:10 – The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. (ESV)

*Banyan Treatment Center: (888)- 493-4429
*Standing in the Presence of Greatness by David Kohout Buy on Amazon
* Jordan B Peterson – YouTube page . Podcast
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Champions Podcast – Episode 2 – Tress Way, Washington Redskins

In the second episode of the Champions Podcast, our hosts Mike Rubin and Coach Phil are joined by Washington Redskins punter and University of Oklahoma graduate Tress Way who shares his faith journey. We also get the first segment of “Eli Wants to Know” and “Coaches Corner”. 


Some interesting nuggets from our interview with Tress

  • He shares how he navigated temptation in high school
  • “God’s Word is a giant love letter”
  • He shares the athletic accomplishment that he is most proud of.
  • “People often compare their realities with other peoples highlights 
  • He talks about the importance of getting on your knees and crying out to God
  • He talks about the role FCA played in keeping him out of trouble
  • “If they claim their identity is in Christ, then everything should follow suit with that.”
  • The Bri and Tress Engagement video- Click this link
  • What’s Your Bid game – Currently sold out of Amazon. Keep your eye out for version 2.0 coming soon.


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Champions Podcast – Episode 1

In the first episode of the Champions Podcast, we introduce our hosts Mike Rubin and Coach Phil, and describe what the show will be about. Coach Phil shares his testimony, and we tease our first interview. Financially champion FCA in York County, PA –
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