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On each episode of “Setting the Record Straight” you will hear another fascinating yet neglected story from two thousand years of magnificent achievements of the Catholic Church. Historical Apologist Charles Coughlin presents these intriguing stories based upon respected and authoritative historical sources. Misinformation and disinformation about the earthly work of the Catholic Church is corrected. “Setting the Record Straight” will quench the thirst of Catholics who want to hear true stories explaining their glorious heritage.

Setting the Record Straight – Tamed By Tango – 1/2/19

How deep are the roots of the urge to Tango? Far deeper than you might suspect. Tango draws upon both our sensual and spiritual natures.  When we Tango our sensual passions and spiritual passions join and hover in a refined balance.  Our bodies and souls embrace and dance.  But what does Tango have to do with Catholicism? Well…everything. Ask Pope Francis who sometimes used Tango in his Masses in Argentina. The thoroughly Catholic Culture of Montevideo and Buenos Aires gave birth to this music and dance. And the end of this podcast you will hear a little story about two Altar Boys and the Tango.

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Setting the Record Striahgt – Small Thoughts about Christmas

Everyone says that Christmas trees had formerly been a pagan practice? Actually German Catholics created the custom about only three hundred years ago. Christmas itself was made a holiday by Catholics in 325AD.  Did Christmas used to be illegal because it was Catholic?  Yes, for centuries the British culture persecuted those who observed Christmas customs as Papists. This continued even in the USA. The War on Christmas is more than four centuries old and was far worse in the past. The ongoing secularization of the holiday (Holy Day!!) has made Christmas more acceptable today. Survey the Christmas cards for sale. Reindeer and Nutcrackers abound, but the Christ Child cannot be found.

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Setting the Record Straight – My Christmas Gift to you – 12/15/18

Change of pace. This is a Christmas-time sharing  of thoughts music, and stories from Chuck Coughlin to the treasurable listeners of  Want a Christmas spirit recharge? Try Chuck’s Catholic Christmas story, “Cow Music.”.

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Setting the Record Straight – Wayfarer – a Christmas Story – 12/8/18

“Wayfarer”. The word literally means someone who travels on foot. Listen to a Christmas story about a mischievous young man who is expelled from Berea college in Kentucky during the Christmas break. He sets out on foot. It is snowing. His life is shattered. He is ashamed, miserable, and not sure where to go. His wandering takes him to a place where he finds the broken  is now unbroken.

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Setting the Record Straight – Colonial America’s Abuse of Catholics – 12/1/18

This is our uncomfortable and ignored history. In the British Colonial Empire there was widespread abuse of Catholics. This commonly  included slavery, ethnic and religious cleansing, and even the kidnapping of young Irish Catholic girls to “provide solace for slaveholders”. Incredibly most of the immigrants to the thirteen colonies in the 17th century were white Irish slaves. This widespread abuse in the colonies of Catholics because they were Catholics by the British Theocracy continued for centuries. In the French Canadian colonies an entire population of free Catholics were deported on crowded ships and suffered a 60% mortality rate. Many of the surviving were sold into slavery. Christmas was declared “too Papist” and declared illegal for centuries. Why don’t we recall all this. Perhaps it became impolite to speak of it until now.

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