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On each episode of “Setting the Record Straight” you will hear another fascinating yet neglected story from two thousand years of magnificent achievements of the Catholic Church. Historical Apologist Charles Coughlin presents these intriguing stories based upon respected and authoritative historical sources. Misinformation and disinformation about the earthly work of the Catholic Church is corrected. “Setting the Record Straight” will quench the thirst of Catholics who want to hear true stories explaining their glorious heritage.

Setting the Record Straight – The Gaucho Priest, The Pope, and The Tango – Part One – 11/10/18

Gauchito Gil is famous. Who is Gauchito Gil? Shrines to his honor and stories of his miracles are all over Argentina. Is he a saint? Well, sort of.  However just a few weeks ago Pope Francis did cannonize an Argentinian saint, a man known as The Gaucho Priest. What does the Tango have to do with all this…and with Catholicism?  Find out in Part One and Two of “The Gaucho Priest,The Pope, and The Tango”.

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Setting the Record Straight – The Failure of Liberation Theology – 10/27/18

In the 1950s and the 1960s liberation theology was practiced throughout Latin American and beyond. What happened? Saint Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI happened ! Listen to their powerful words spoken as they dismantled Liberation Theology. The Church experienced a reformation once again

    Liberation theology was is (or was) a synthesis of Catholic Theology and Marxist  socio-economic philosophy that emphasizes  concern for the poor and the political liberation for oppressed classes. That may sound attractive but the problem was  that its practitioners emphasized the  “Preferential option for the poor” over the true mission of the Church which is the more encompassing liberation of mankind’s fallen nature, from sin, though the sacraments.

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Setting the Record Straight – The Wanderin’ Wafayin’ Archives – 10/20/18

Charming tales of the early Church can be gleaned from what is left of the Secret Archives of the Vatican. The precious Archives were under constant danger of being stolen or sacked. Some times the Popes had to flee with them on a mule train as is told in the extant “Book Of Mules and Other Conveniences For The Trip Of Paul III To Other Places”. Along the way Chuck relates the story of “Saint Francis and The Wolf of Gubbio”. 

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Setting the Record Straight – Halloween Was Illegal When It Was Catholic – 10/13/18

Halloween is Catholic. Halloween was instituted by the Catholic Church despite the popular mis-historical theories of its origin.  Halloween is a slang word for All Hallows Eve. In other words Halloween is the Vigil of All Saints Day, a very ancient Catholic Holy Day that originally honored Catholic Martyrs.  In recent centuries our Halloween rituals have become debased by a secular overlay of horror movies and a tradition of destructive behavior. This podcast sets the record straight and concludes with a suggestion of how our parishes might revive the authentic devotional heart of Halloween.

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