Cigar 101 with Tomas Baldonado from Ultimo Cigars
Every once in a while, we break away from our normal routine on The Catholic Man Show to have a conversation with someone we think is a craftsman, expert in a field, and/or has an interesting story. Our guest, Tomas Baldonado from Ultimo, fits all 3 categories.

Many men aren't sure where to begin when picking up their first stick. In this episode, we sit down with Oklahoma's first and only licensed manufacturer of premium handcrafted cigars.

In the January edition of Cigar Aficionado Magazine, Ultimo Cigars was mentioned in an article entitled, “50 Factories in the U.S. that still make Cigars”.

Things you will learn:

Anatomy of a cigar
How to find a cigar that fits your palate
How to cut a cigar
How a cigar is made
Types of cigars
How to keep cigars fresh
How Tomas paired a cigar with a beer
and much more

About Ultimo Cigars:
Ultimo is a charming Micro-Factory located in the heart of Midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the South-West corner of 31st Street and Sheridan. Home of the Scissortail Cigar, all our products are exclusively hand bunched and rolled by our master torcedor, Tomas. As we expand our business we will also expand our facility. We are looking forward to soon adding a large 1,250 cubic foot, walk-in aging room. Additionally, we will have the capacity to add 8 full time torcedores, producing up to 1,200 cigars daily. We welcome you to come enjoy an authentic, unique experience at Ultimo Cigars!

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