1. Still pregnant, not eating sugar but eating all the crackers. 
2. Still biking and doing kettlebell swings.
3. My parents moved out so we have more rooms for our many, many nappers. 
4. Going to be in Vancouver, WA on Feb. 23rd and in Batesville, IN on March 9th if you want to come see me speak!
5. I’ve been praying the rosary every night with my husband, a practice we’ve said we would do for eight years but… hey…. surprise pregnancies tend to bring you to your knees so now felt like a good time! Will be telling you all about the Aroma Rosary I’m using next week!
6. My brain is filled with cotton balls. 
7. Been embroidering and playing Rack-o in bed with my 8-year old. Thanks Happy Nome Nest Goods Theresa for holding my hand and showing me what to do!

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