1. Did you see this new awesome podcast The Modern Lady. I love it! I think you will love it too!
2. My dad gave me this Vanilla Almond tea for my birthday and it’s delightful. 
3. Have been blown away by this retreat I’m doing. It’s really causing me to slow down. 
4. Have been doing this kettlebell workout for moms with diastasis recti and this 7 minute HIIT workout from an app on my phone. Both are free!
5. I made these breakfast bars and discovered finely chopping dates sucks… choose raisins and cranberries and these would be great for kids!
6. Guys! More than 2,000 copies of my books were downloaded last week. You’re amazing! If you downloaded it and love it, please please please leave an Amazon review. That would be so generous and helpful!
7. Got the proof to my goals planner and it’s GORGEOUS! The company is slammed tough so I might not get them until after Christmas and I’m feeling pretty crushed by this. So… how disappointed would you be to set your goals on January 2nd or 3rd instead of BEFORE January 1st?

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