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Life’s a journey full of challenges. When we walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the Father designed for us, the results are better than we could ask for or imagine.

Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay was founded in 1995 by Terry and Ralph Modica in the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida. Our staff and volunteer team serve from across the US and around the world. The Executive Director Terry Modica is an international speaker and author.

Terry Modica is executive director of Good News Ministries of Tampa Bay (, which she founded with her husband Ralph in 1995 to help people grow closer to Christ, enter the embrace of the Father, and become evangelizers empowered by the Holy Spirit. Since 1999, Terry has been producing Good News Reflections on the daily readings of Catholic Mass. Her ministry has spread throughout the world.

She credits the Holy Spirit for bringing her into the Catholic faith in 1977. He gave her instant faith in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist when a friend explained the miracle to her. This rescued her from the occult.

Terry, who has been involved in a wide variety of parish and diocesan ministries, has a theology degree and pastoral certifications. A versatile speaker, she gives retreats and conference talks on the Holy Spirit, Difficult Relationships, the Rosary as Mystical Union with Christ In Daily Life, Healing the Wounds that Affect Our Intimacy with Abba, How to Use Virtual Reality in Ministry and other topics.

Author of Overcoming the Power of the Occult and Daily Prayers with the Saints, look for her newest release in 2019, Tears for Abba: 30 Days to the Father’s Heart.

Footsteps to Heaven – The sin that blocks faith

Episode #8: When we identify the sin that interferes with our faith in God, we can overcome it to grow in holiness and live the way God intended — with the same miraculous faith as the first Christians that we read about in the Book of Acts. The biggest sin is culture-wide, it has infiltrated the Church, and we easily give into it every day. We can change that! And in so doing, we will become more alive in the faith and – if enough of us repent from this sin – we will transform the world.

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Footsteps to Heaven – How God brings our loved ones to Christ

Episode #7: John 14:12 is an amazing command from Jesus. God wants to work supernaturally through us to bring others to conversion and faith growth. None of us can convince our loved ones who are rejecting Christ to change their minds and become faith-filled believers — not by our own efforts. God needs to intervene with supernatural help. This is why Jesus said, “Amen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these.” What was the work of Jesus? Everything he did was for the sake of the salvation of souls. Preaching the truth was just part of how he served as Savior. He also did supernatural works: healing diseases, raising people from the dead, multiplying the food — etc. When he sent his disciples out to help him with his mission, he gave them the power to do what he did. Later, after his death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven, the Holy Spirit empowered every follower of Christ to do the same.

If you have teen or adult children who have left the Church, you can find helpful prayer resources on our website. See our Prayers for Parents at

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Footsteps to Heaven – How to bring loved ones to Christ

Episode #6: It’s heart-breaking to love someone who is stubbornly rejecting the truth about Jesus. It’s hard to watch them suffer the worldly effects of not turning to him to let him be their Savior. You know how important faith in Christ is for their life now, and — the biggest heart-wrencher — you fear that they won’t spend eternity with you in heaven. We are called and commissioned by Christ to evangelize. But how can we do this successfully for the ones we care about most?

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Footsteps to Heaven – Episode 5 – How to Detect God’s Signs for You

Hebrews 2:3-4 holds the key to experiencing joy even in the midst of trials and sufferings. When we know that God truly cares about our problems, this gives us reason to rejoice. God always reassures us that he cares and that he’s involved in helping resolve our problems; he does it by giving us signs. Learn how to identify the divine interventions that he’s providing for you right now, today.

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Footsteps to Heaven – Episode 4 – Defeating Satan’s Biggest Strategy

Satan’s #1 strategy in today’s world is the disempowering of Christians so that we cannot successfully evangelize non-believers and doubters. In John 14:6-14, Jesus tells us the key to defeating this strategy. We must proclaim the truth about Jesus. However, this is only the first step! People do not become believers in Christ because we tell them that he is the only way to reach heaven. People become believers because they discover that (1) he is real, and (2) he cares about them, and (3) he is more powerful than all the evil they have been suffering. It is hard for non-Christians to believe in Christ when they have not witnessed miracles.

The problem is — the thing Satan is counting on — is that it is hard for us Christians to have enough faith in Christ to evangelize others if we have not witnessed miracles in the midst of our own sufferings.

God wants to change that. God is calling each of us to become his venues of truth and divine power. We are the voice of Christ in the world today, called to proclaim the truth. We are also the hands of Christ, called to reach out to prove that he cares by doing the works of divine power.

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