Huge celebration show planned for the 100th episode! We had 8 guests on this episode, all of which have had a huge impact on the show’s history. In the first segment, everyone’s favorite Forte Catholic Character, “Rocco” the Eagles super-fan, returns to the show to give us an update on the Eagles and his faith. Then Taylor’s two favorite priests, Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and Fr. Jared Cooke, face off to see if one of them can reign supreme by the end. In the second segment, the bros Lance Rosen of the Catholic Coaster Podcast and Alex Gotay rejoin the show. We all make fun of each other, talk faith and culture & of course continue the Texas vs. Canada debate. In the final segment, Chris Bartlett and J.P. Quinn rejoin the show with our surprise guest to talk favorite podcasts, Forte Catholic memories, Fortnite & more. A huge thank you to everyone who has ever listened to the show, supported, shared, reviewed, etc. I couldn’t have made it to 100 episodes without you. I hope you continue to enjoy as we #MakeCatholicismFunAgain together! catholic christian catholicpodcast fortnite guests priest texas canada celebration