Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts(WHAT!?!?!) as we talk about what Taylor learned about keeping things simple from the high school students he was on retreat with this weekend. (The students may or may not have been a little comically confused)
In the second segment, we are joined by a listener favorite Fr. Augustine Wetta. He rejoins the show(from his high school classroom with actual students in it) to talk about his new novel “The Eighth Arrow” which explores what it would be like if Odysseus from the Odyssey was in Dante’s Inferno. The book is a thoroughly entertaining jailbreak story, full of allusions to great works of old and the lessons contained. A segment with the monk who breaks all monk stereotypes is always entertaining.
In the final segment, Taylor and Fr. Anthony bring back the “Mass Text” segment to revisit this past Sunday’s readings, see how Father’s homily went, discuss being bad at humility & why truths survive the test of time.
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