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Fr Ian Van Heusen, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Raleigh, NC. ianvanheusen.com Art of Living well Podcast and Blog, Current assignments are ECU Newman and St. Peter’s in Greenville. His Mission is to help Christians foster a life of deep intimacy with God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through Christian Meditation.

Alanna Burg is a military spouse and mother of 2, currently relocated to Boise ID. She serves as the Chief Event Manager at Catholic Link English. Alanna spends her time as a homemaker conquering the chaos along with serving her family and community. In her free time, she dives into learning all aspects of her faith. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology at the Augustine Institute.

Liturgy Live is recorded live on the Catholic Link English Facebook page where Fr Ian Van Heusen and Alanna Burg discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday. They look at the context and history, the spiritual impact, and the cultural perspective of the scriptures. They address hard topics with practical advice, and are always in a perspective of learning new things and growing through the show. Enjoy the podcast of the shows.

Liturgy Live – 6th Sunday in Easter – If You Love Me

This week on the Liturgy Live Podcast we talk about the fulfilment of the prophesy of Amos with the inclusion of the Gentiles into the church without Old Covenant necessities. We discuss that there is a difference between some of the laws in the OT that are covenant based, which are erased by the new covenant in Christ, and the laws that are based in Natural Law that can never be changed. We then go into the idea of contemplating Heaven from our second reading in Revelation. Fr Ian suggests in the Easter season we should be contemplating our heavenly destination. The Gospel takes us into the correlation of loving God and being obedient to Him. The Holy Spirit is sent to those who love Him and keep his commandments.

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Liturgy Live – 3rd Sunday in Easter – Worthy to Suffer

This week on the podcast we talk about how in the first reading, Peter is no longer under the authority of the Sanhedrin. He is in the Spirit and has the courage to face the punishment that comes from proclaiming the Gospel. We talk about fear of being publicly Christian and how we can process that fear, Imagine and explore the fear, analysing it, and then turning it over the Christ in the Jesus prayer. In the second reading we talk about how the entirety of creation is worshipping the Lamb, and the One who sits on the throne. We touch on the importance of numbers in Salvation History and the Book of Revelation. Then we move to the Gospel and explore Jesus’ asking Simon (Peters given name) if he loves him. Jesus accepts the imperfect love of Peter and gives him his mission.

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Liturgy Live – Easter Sunday – The Good News

This week on Liturgy Live we talk about the closing of Lent and the finishing of the race. That we do not enter Easter rested, we enter Easter exhausted and tested. The first reading we go into the Preaching of Peter to the Gentiles and how important it is for us to hear this Kergyma, Gospel, like we are coming to church for the first time. The Holy Spirit has the power to move hearts this Sunday and we need to pray that He does. Going into the second reading we discuss the responsibility we have to keep our minds on Christ and on the things that are above. That some reject Christ because they do not want this responsibility to change how they think, and then change how they act. In the Gospel we talk about John waiting for Peter and how it is a allegory of the mystical/contemplative life in the church arriving at faith first but having to be patient for the Magisterium and it’s teaching.

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Liturgy Live – Palm Sunday – The Path of Suffering

This week on the podcast we go over the entrance into Jerusalem and the problem of suffering in our faith life. How our Baptism, or conversion, is a joyful entrance in to the life of faith, but it is the suffering of the cross that is our path to unity with God. In the reading from Isaiah we discuss the prophesy fulfilled in Christ and how Jesus knew he wouldn’t be put to shame, at the same time as the world viewed it as shame. Our perceptions in the world are twisted and the understanding from eternity is what we need to look for. Book suggestion this week is “Consoling the Heart of Jesus” by Fr Michael Gaitley.

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Liturgy Live – Knowing Christ – 5th Sunday in Lent

This week on the podcast we discuss the paradox in the first reading of forgetting things in the past but still being called to remember what God had done for the Israelites. In the second reading we talk about the supreme good of knowing Christ as the end, and we all are still lacking in our formation. In the Gospel we talk about Jesus writing in the sand, the attempted entrapment of the Pharisee’s and how in our culture the woman caught in adultery is the woman who has had an abortion. We discuss the movie #Unplanned, and how important it is to see.

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