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Fr Ian Van Heusen, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Raleigh, NC. ianvanheusen.com Art of Living well Podcast and Blog, Current assignments are ECU Newman and St. Peter’s in Greenville. His Mission is to help Christians foster a life of deep intimacy with God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through Christian Meditation.

Alanna Burg is a military spouse and mother of 2, currently relocated to Boise ID. She serves as the Chief Event Manager at Catholic Link English. Alanna spends her time as a homemaker conquering the chaos along with serving her family and community. In her free time, she dives into learning all aspects of her faith. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology at the Augustine Institute.

Liturgy Live is recorded live on the Catholic Link English Facebook page where Fr Ian Van Heusen and Alanna Burg discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday. They look at the context and history, the spiritual impact, and the cultural perspective of the scriptures. They address hard topics with practical advice, and are always in a perspective of learning new things and growing through the show. Enjoy the podcast of the shows.

Liturgy Live – 18th Sunday in Ordinairy Time – Variety of Vanities

This week on the podcast Fr Ian and Alanna start out with 2 different perspectives on Ecclesiastes and how to go about reading it and the possibilities of approaching this particular book of Scripture. We have a good disagreement that ends in the same outcome, we just take different routes to get there. The second reading we talk about how we are called to seek what is above and to have heavenly goals so that what might seem like vanity is storing treasures in heaven. In the Gospel we talk about the reality that we are not in control. Hoarding materials, and spiritual gifts will harm you in the end, they are to be given to build up the community.

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Liturgy Live – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Martha Martha

This week on the podcast we talk about service through suffering. In the first reading Alanna connects the symbolism of the story to the symbolism of the New Testament. Service in suffering under the “tree” brings forth fruit, and new life. Abraham serves God with a good and ordered attitude and does not complain to the Lord. His service through the suffering brings forth the announcement of the upcoming birth of Isaac. In the second reading we talk about St Paul and when he talks about the sufferings that are lacking in Christ. We discuss what that really means mystically and how we are to participate in it. Specifically we focus on praising God in the midst of our sufferings. In the Gospel we review the story of Martha and Mary, and we touch on the active vs the contemplative life. What was really happening in this story and why did Jesus respond to her in this way? We also touch on how physical busyness can lead to spiritual sloth.

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15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Samaritan Allegory

This week on the podcast we talk about the Good Samaritan. In the first reading we talk about how Moses is telling the Israelites that the answer is not in a far off place, it is in their hearts, given to them by God. To please follow the laws and statutes, in order to avoid the curses just laid out before them. In the second reading we talk about the primacy of Christ and how he is the first, Uncreated, and of the New Creation. The Gospel we talk about Augustine’s Allegory of the parable of the Good Samaritan.

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Liturgy Live – 14th Sunday in Ordinairy Time – Boast in the Cross

This week we talk about the readings for the 14th Sunday. In the first reading we talk about the imagery of the comforting mother that Isaiah gives us and how it prefigures our comfort being delivered from the Blessed Mother, and also our Mother the Church. In the second reading we talk about boasting in the cross of Christ. Living in Christ and bearing your sufferings has more to do with your salvation than whether or not you have been circumcised. In the Gospel we talk about how Jesus sends out the 72 elders to go out and harvest for the Lord the prepared “crops”. We are both the labourers and the crop. Jesus is giving a lesson also in how to take rejection, and also how to handle rejoicing in success.

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Liturgy Live – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Directed Zeal

This week on the Podcast we talk about Discipleship and zeal. In the first reading we talk about how Elijah throws his cloak over Elisha while he is farming. This seems quite strange to our ears, but it is a call to discipleship that Elisha would have understood in his time. Elisha was allowed time to slaughter and cook the oxen and feed his people before leaving, he destroyed the temptation of ever looking back from this choice to follow Elijah. In the second reading we talk about how the political climate resembles the words of St Paul when he says if you keep biting at one another you will soon be devoured by one another. We have to be careful to not destroy each other. In the Gospel we talk about how, again in a moment of zeal, James and John are clearly wrong. The teaching this week tells us that there will be groups of people who will not welcome us because of Christ, and we are to keep moving forward and not bring down destruction upon them.

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