God has created in each one of us uniqueness and beauty that reflects his goodness and calling — our creator’s fingerprint on our souls. From a young age, Kessie Thomas was gathering people into communities with the purpose to grow others in faith. Hear how this south Louisiana woman said, “yes”, gathered other willing co-founders, and allowed God to grow it all into a women’s conference that reached the hearts of 700 women.

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Kessie Thomas was born and raised in Louisiana; A wife to a Cajun Deacon, mother of 7 here on earth ages 18-2 and 2 sweet babies in heaven. She has been a homeschool mom since the beginning but this past year has transitioned into a local classical education at John Paul the Great. She is the Owner of an internet-based business called Simplicities of Life where she creates rosaries, chaplets, and religious jewelry. She recently co-founded and directed the Abide 2019 Catholic Women’s Conference. Kessie enjoys bonding with her family with plenty of fun-filled outdoor activities. Equally, she enjoys and needs regular quiet time with our Lord. Kessie has been invited to share her story at multiple gatherings while creating community along the way. Most evenings you can find her on her wine porch sharing a glass with her husband, visiting with her teens and watching the kids play. You can find her at @rosarylady at Instagram, for her business, and for the deacon’s delicious cajun creations.

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