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Marge Steinhage Fenelon is a best-selling and award-winning author and journalist and internationally-known speaker who has written several books on Catholic spirituality and Marian devotion. You’ll love Marge’s authenticity, warmth, and down-to-earth way of blending faith and life. Filled with joy, sincerity, and touches of humor, Marge‘s simplified approach to holiness will help you to better understand the Catholic faith and become a more genuine disciple of Christ with Mary as mentor. Marge has guested on a variety of Catholic media outlets, including EWTN, CatholicTV, Relevant Radio, Sacred Heart Radio, Radio Maria, and others. She’s presented to a wide array of audiences at conferences, retreats, workshops, and encounter events. To learn more about Marge‘s mission to lead the world to Christ through Mary, visit her website at

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Latest Episodes

Simply Holy 014: Discovering Your Stumbling Blocks to Holiness

What makes one person stumble on the path to holiness may not be a stumbling block for another person. Your stumbling blocks to holiness are unique to you and can lead you closer to Christ and his Mother when you approach them in the right way. How do you discover your stumbling blocks? How do you deal with them? These are important questions to ask – especially now, as Lent nears – and Marge has the answers. A simple, practical guide to preparing for Lent and growing in holiness.

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Simply Holy 013: Dealing with Difficult People and Situations (Dedicated to Dad)

Sometimes what you think are the dumbest things your parents ever did turn out to be the most profound and useful life lessons. Marge dedicates this episode to her dad and describes a vital life lesson she learned from him about dealing with difficult people and situations.

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Simply Holy 012: Coming Down the Home Stretch of Advent with the O Antiphons

Feeling like you blew Advent this year? Christmas is coming closer – fast – and you’re feeling like your Advent striving has fizzled. Don’t despair! True, we’re coming down the home stretch of Advent, but there’s much you can do to make the most of it even if you’ve hardly done anything spiritually fulfilling these past weeks. Marge describes the beautiful ancient verses known as the “O Antiphons” and explains how they can help you make the absolute most of this home stretch to Christmas.

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Simply Holy 011: Have You Heard the Voice of Jesus?

Some people have had the great gift of hearing Jesus’ voice in their hearts during a special moment. Others struggle to hear him. The fact is Jesus is always talking to you. The question isn’t whether he talks to you but rather how and when. In order to hear his voice, you must be truly listening for what he has to say. Oftentimes, people miss hearing Jesus because they’re trying to make him speak in the way that they want to hear him. Sometimes Jesus does speak to us directly, but at other times it’s subtle and through the people and happenings around us. Marge describes her own desperate yearning to hear the voice of Jesus and the amazing way in which he finally did speak. Finally, she talks about the role of prayer, practice, and persistence in hearing the voice of Jesus as Mary did.

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Simply Holy 010: Coping with Isolation

We all experience isolation at times in our lives. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, isolation can be hard to cope with and can lead to other problems if left unchecked. Many biblical figures experienced isolation from Abraham, Moses, Job, and Jeremiah to Mary, the Holy Family and even Jesus himself. What can they teach us about coping with isolation? Learn more as Marge examines the kinds and causes of isolation and gives practical steps to cope with it.

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