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Pete Socks is a converted Catholic still learning the faith after 21 years. He continues to learn the riches of our Faith through books. The passion to read has led to his ministry as a book reviewer for leading Catholic publishers. You can find his reviews and author interviews at The Catholic Book Blogger on the Patheos Catholic portal (www.catholicbookblogger.com). Pete hopes to take what he finds between the covers of books and share insightful topics with the audience here at Breadbox Media on his show Off the Shelf. When not reading,  writing and podcasting Pete is the happily married father of five making a living as a freelancer in rural PA.

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Off the Shelf with Pete Socks – Episode 102 with Fr. William Saunders

We are in full Advent prep mode and I have a great book to share with you to help us take a focused look at the season leading up to Christmas. Celebrating a Merry Catholic Christmas: A Guide to the Customs and Feast Days of Advent and Christmas by Father William P. Saunders is the perfect resource for learning about and making Advent a prosperous season filled with faith. Join us as we discuss the numerous feast days observed in the season, objects that have become part of our celebrations, and stories behind some of the more well-known Christmas carols of the season. 

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Off the Shelf with Pete Socks – Episode 101 with Kendra Tierney

Kendra Tierney made a concerted effort to bring the feasts and events of the liturgical calendar into her family life and has reaped the benefits of doing so.Now she shares the many simple ways she has found to do so in her book The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life. On this episode, we focus on the season of Advent and how we can stop the hustle and bustle of the secular world and come to a true appreciation for the reason for the season. 

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Off the Shelf with Pete Socks – Episode 100 with Mike Aquilina

This week we celebrate the 100th episode of Off the Shelf. To do so we have guest Mike Aquilina who was my first written author interview in 2013. We chat about his most recent book Villains of the Church: And How They Made Us Better Christians. Sound ominous doesn’t it? Trust me, its  a great read and we will cover some of these characters from Judas to the no-so-obvious Origen.

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Off the Shelf with Pete Socks – Episode 99 with Fr. Mark Toups

We haven’t dived into our Thanksgiving feasts yet but this week we are going to talk about Advent. I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get their hands on the excellent Advent journal from Fr Mark Toups Rejoice: Advent Meditations with Mary. Fr Mark and I take a look at why it is important to include Mary in our Advent journey to Christmas, why Christmas day is an event rather than a single 24 hour occurrence, and how we can effectively dive into scripture to build a lifelong rewarding habit of journaling. 

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