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Pete Socks is a converted Catholic still learning the faith after 21 years. He continues to learn the riches of our Faith through books. The passion to read has led to his ministry as a book reviewer for leading Catholic publishers. You can find his reviews and author interviews at The Catholic Book Blogger on the Patheos Catholic portal ( Pete hopes to take what he finds between the covers of books and share insightful topics with the audience here at Breadbox Media on his show Off the Shelf. When not reading,  writing and podcasting Pete is the happily married father of five making a living as a freelancer in rural PA.

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Off the Shelf – Episode 128 with Ray Haywood

There are about a million stumbling blocks that society throws in front of young men today. These include confusion as to what a man’s role is and the proper behavior for men today. Let’s get intentional with how we prepare young men today. Ray Haywood has written Tools to the Ready the Journey: A Father’s Guide to a Faith-Filled Family. Listen on as Ray and I discuss how to tackle this troublesome trend in society today.

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Off the Shelf – Episode 127 with Sr. Kathryn Hermes

Struggling with regret? Are you caught in it’s clutches and thinking of yourself as a failure? Throw those regrets aside and reclaim them for good…..and God. Sister Kathryn J. Hermes joins me to discuss the freedom God offers each one of us through prayer, meditation and reflection as outlined in her book Reclaim Regret: How God Heals Life’s Disappointments.

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Off the Shelf – Episode 126 with Deacon Greg Kandra

Tired of living the rat race and not making enough time for prayer? Think squeezing time into your busy schedule for just 15 minutes of quiet time is impossible? Well Deacon Greg Kandra and I are here to tell it ain’t so! Listen in as we talk about how to incorporate prayer into our busy lives as we discuss his book The Busy Person’s Guide to Prayer.

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Off the Shelf with Pete Socks – Episode 125 with Fr. James Murphy

Don’t know much about the Cristero War? There’s a book for that! Join Msgr. James T. Murphy and I as we discuss his book Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico. This is a fascinating book that brings to the fore front this internal struggle in Mexico that up to only recently has been for the most part little-known. Join us and learn about some of the figures that were part of this modern persecution of the Church in Mexico. 

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Off the Shelf – Episode 124 with Mark McCann

Mark McCann returns this week to discuss the second book of his four book series To the Ends of the Earth. On Episode 115 we talked about Character, this time around we are discussing Action. When it comes to action most guys want to be known for jumping in to help, to save, to win! Being a Catholic man of action means so much more. Listen in as Mark and I discuss how we can draw our strength from the Sacraments so that we can be active followers of Christ who set out to evangelize the world.  This week’s title To the Ends of the Earth: Action can be found here.

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