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Patch Drury is an award winning writer, professional filmmaker, published cartoonist, public speaker, former pastor, and depending on who you ask, maybe a heretic.

Patch spent nearly 40 years in the Christian Church (ten of those as a pastor), before he felt something (God?) calling him to a bigger playground.

​Now, using the works of visionaries like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung as roadmaps, he explores ideas like god, religion, transcendence and bliss.

Everybody longs for purpose and meaning! Everybody wants to know and follow their bliss! Your host Patch Drury interviews people from all walks of like, musicians, actors, chefs, artists – every one of them, following their bliss. Listen as Patch teases out the stories and philosophies that took them, from some cases, from boring office jobs to a life full of meaning and purpose! A life full of bliss!!

Blissed the Podcast – Episode 18: The Solution To Our Trump Problem

Things are weird in our country today. Our President is an immoral sexual assaulter. What do we do about it? Well, the answer isn’t to elect more democrats. The answer is to change the narrative. Change the story we’re telling. Change the story we’re living. By changing the narrative, we have the potential to change the world. More in the episode! Also, subscribe to my weekly newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/ci82l5

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After a cinematic flight of fancy, Patch gets back down to then nitty-gritty of finding your bliss – specifically, he talks about how the process literally MAKES YOU LIKE GOD. Not in a Jim Carey making Jennifer Aniston’s boobs bigger kind of way, but in a real genuine, creating order our of chaos kind of way. Check it out!

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Blissed The Podcast – Episode 16: The Problem With Infinity War

Everybody’s talking about it, so Patch is too! But, unsprisingly, he connects it to Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, and, in a weird way, following your bliss (even if following your bliss is killing half the universe). Don’t go in mad based on the title. Patch didn’t hate the movie – he thinks it probably works as part of a set with Avengers 4, but as a standalone movie, it had some issues. That’s what he gets into.

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Blissed Episode 15 – Hypnotherapist: Paul Bishop

You’re getting sleepy… And it’s not because Patch is boring, it’s because our guest today is local, certified hypnotherapist: Paul Bishop, of LIVE TODAY HYPNOSIS. Patch and Paul talk about what hypnosis is, how it’s done, and how helpful it can be on the journey inward. Give it a listen then: Reach out to Paul at: http://www.livetodayhypnosis.com/ Then subscribe to Patch’s weekly newsletter at: http://eepurl.com/ci82l5 You’ll get a weekly dose of Patch straight to your third eye and down into your soul!!!

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Blissed The Podcast – Episode 14: Guided Meditation

Warning, this one may make you drowsy. Well, in a different way than past episodes… Today Patch advises you to put your headphones on, relax, and prepare yourself for something a little different – a guided meditation! One that seeks to help you make contact and peace with your past self, your present self, and your future self! Give it a listen! Support this Podcast and the Breadbox Media network with your Premium Membership and unlock your deals today. https://www.breadboxmedia.com/patchdrurysupport.html

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