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Beneath the Surface is a unique radio talk show that explores the big questions of life that many people are “too busy” or fearful to approach. It is a gathering of truthseekers whose natural curiosity and wonder are still in tact. Explore with us Beneath the Surface — where faith and reason meet.

Beneath the Surface – Human Nature and Sports

Join Paul and his guests John Tuturice and Daniel Flaherty, owner of
and author of the book “Great 1980s Sports Moments,” delve beneath the surface on why sports exist and why we care so much about them!
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Beneath the Surface – Mercy Without Justice

Mercy without justice is a form of enabling, pure sentimentality, over-pastoralism, or a display of cowardice. It is a recipe for disaster.  It is a false mercy, ad hence it is not love.  What do we mean?  Find out as BTS celebrates its 15th year of existence!
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