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Salt and Light – Episode 23: Summa Bishop Barroniae

In last week’s episode, we discussed many topics with respect to evangelization and the great intellectual tradition of the Church with our guest, Bishop Robert Barron. In the wake of that interview, we received a great amount of feedback wanting to know more about some of the topics Bishop Barron addressed. In this episode, we address Bishop Barron’s assessment that after Vatican II anti-intellectualism crept into religious culture and explain eccumenical councils especially Vatican II in much more detail to provide the cultural and historical backdrop for the largest meeting of all time, what made it different, what it actually intended and declared, and why it has been unjustly blamed for so much confusion over the last fifty years. Tune in to this episode where we set the record straight on Vatican II. (The title of this episode is a play on St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae.) To learn more about Bishop Barron and Word on Fire, visit www.wordonfire.org. Visit us online www.saltandlightonline.com, and don’t forget to check out our other show on Breadbox Media, “Chuck n’ Ann on Finance”.

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