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Salt and Light – Episode 24: Ark Encounter- Dinosaurs on the Ark???

On a recent family road trip, we explored Mammoth Cave, camped in the National Park, hiked the beautiful Kentucky trails, and visited the Ark Encounter , a life-size reconstruction of Noah’s Ark according to the Biblical dimensions. Within it, we walked through three floors of exhibits depicting what life might have been like for both Noah and his family and also the animals. The life-size animals that were modeled in the exhibits were largely unrecognizable, though, because they were mostly comprised of dinosaurs. The tour continues with exhibits describing science and technology as anti-intelligence and refuting many branches of science and its discoveries, including geology, hydrology, botany, paleontology, archeology, and more. We’ve done episodes before on the relationship between faith and reason and religion and science and the wonderful “both/and” of Catholicism, but in this episode we focus on how we should interpret Scripture. How should we read and understand it? What does the Church say? Find out in this episode. Visit us online www.saltandlightonline.com, and don’t forget to check out our other show on Breadbox Media, “Chuck n’ Ann on Finance”.

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