Is beauty subjective or objective? How do we know something is beautiful or can we? What does beauty have to do with God or our relationship with Him? Join us on this edition of the Salt and Light podcast with guest, Steve Pokorny, of Freedom Coaching , which is a one-on-one mentoring system aimed at helping those with an attraction and compulsion to pornography, with the goal of reclaiming a healthy vision of the body and of sexuality, and thus become inoculated to the enticement of pornographic images. In light of Steve’s expertise and considering that so many families with children listen to our show each week, we directed the focus of this episode on a rightly ordered understanding of beauty. We discuss with Steve how we can regain a proper understanding of beauty in order to come to know God more fully, know AND love ourselves and others more completely and then share this gift with others. Salt and Light Video series just launched on YouTube called “Faith and Finance”. Click here to watch and subscribe: Visit us online, and don’t forget to check out our other show on Breadbox Media, “Chuck n’ Ann on Finance” (