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Sterling Jaquith converted to Catholicism at 25 and has now dedicated her life to helping Catholic become on fire for their faith! She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, five young kids, and a lazy border collie. She has written four books and is a popular Catholic speaker at conferences and retreats. Read more about her at www.sterlingjaquith.com

Coffee & Pearls packs a lot of wisdom in 15 minutes because hey, moms are busy! Sterling talks about a wide range of topics including faith, marriage, motherhood, health, finances, homemaking and recharging! She promises to give you practical takeaways to strive for sainthood in everyday mom life!

Coffee and Pearls – How To Get More Done In Less Time

I was putting together a webinar for my Marian Mastermind group about how Catholic women who do business online can get more stuff done in less time when I realized… most all of it applied to moms even if they don’t have businesses! I pulled all the relevant parts and put it in this week’s episode of Coffee & Pearls!
Do you wish you could get more done in less time?
Do you want to know how moms can get things done even with little kids around?
Do you wish you could stop wasting so much time on your phone or online?
This is the Coffee & Pearls episode for you!
And in this episode, I also explain that even though all the business books say NOT to let people into your course after you’ve closed it, I got so many emails and Facebook messages saying people were out of town and missed out on signing up for Catholic Women Shine and guys, it crushed me. I felt so bad. Then I decided, who cares what the man says? I’m my own boss and I say I can reopen it!
So, I SUPER DUER MEAN IT THIS TIME! Catholic Women Shine is open until midnight PST January 8th. You have to sign up by Tuesday night and then it closes FOREVER. Or at least for many, many months. 
I hope you love this episode of Coffee & Pearls. If you have any other “getting stuff done” challenge that you want help solving, reply to this email and I’ll make an episode about it or answer it in a Seven Quick Takes!
P.S. I’m not sure if you should bother since I plan on winning the whole thing but if you were interested, you can join me for the www.fitandholychallenge.com that starts January 16th. 
P.P.S. If you happen to be a Catholic mom who wants to do business online (or already does), then sign up for this Catholic Women Crush It webinar!

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Coffee and Pearls – Silly Small Goals

This episode is about why we need to stop breaking trust with ourselves and instead set silly small goals so we can build a momentum of wins and rebuild that trust. I also talk about the importance of setting small dreams that are anchored in love.
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Coffee and Pearls – STQ Goal Setting and Christmas

1. Webinar Replay here >>> http://cwswebinar.pages.ontraport.net/
2. Free Worksheets at the bottom of www.catholicwomenshine.com
3. Awesome carafe that keeps your tea/coffee hot all day! https://amzn.to/2VgXAic
4. Habit Tracker: https://evermorepaperco.com/blog/2017/free-printable-habit-tracker
5. Catholic Weight Loss Companion For Emotional Eaters http://sterlingjaquith.com/catholic-weight-loss-companion-for-emotional-eaters/
6. Trying so hard to hang on until Epiphany! I will not put the decorations away today. I will not put the decorations away today. It’s really my husband’s fault for taking the kids camping… it’s so quiet and I just want to CLEAN!
7. Did you all add things to your Catholic Life Notes? I put that I really want to do fettuccini alfredo next year on Christmas Eve. My husband said the crunchy flour he bought was terrible for our Christmas cinnamon rolls so we won’t be using that again. I also forgot to bring out the two noise making Christmas books we have and I felt slightly bad about that so I’ll set a reminder on my phone for next year!
P.S. I’m embarrassed that I’m so excited for the Reputation Tour Taylor Swift video on Netflix coming New Year’s Eve. 

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Coffee and Pearls – STQ

1. Did you see this new awesome podcast The Modern Lady. I love it! I think you will love it too!
2. My dad gave me this Vanilla Almond tea for my birthday and it’s delightful. 
3. Have been blown away by this retreat I’m doing. It’s really causing me to slow down. 
4. Have been doing this kettlebell workout for moms with diastasis recti and this 7 minute HIIT workout from an app on my phone. Both are free!
5. I made these breakfast bars and discovered finely chopping dates sucks… choose raisins and cranberries and these would be great for kids!
6. Guys! More than 2,000 copies of my books were downloaded last week. You’re amazing! If you downloaded it and love it, please please please leave an Amazon review. That would be so generous and helpful!
7. Got the proof to my goals planner and it’s GORGEOUS! The company is slammed tough so I might not get them until after Christmas and I’m feeling pretty crushed by this. So… how disappointed would you be to set your goals on January 2nd or 3rd instead of BEFORE January 1st?

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