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Sterling Jaquith converted to Catholicism at 25 and has now dedicated her life to helping Catholic become on fire for their faith! She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, five young kids, and a lazy border collie. She has written four books and is a popular Catholic speaker at conferences and retreats. Read more about her at

Coffee & Pearls packs a lot of wisdom in 15 minutes because hey, moms are busy! Sterling talks about a wide range of topics including faith, marriage, motherhood, health, finances, homemaking and recharging! She promises to give you practical takeaways to strive for sainthood in everyday mom life!

Coffee and Pearls – Less Stressful Summer Part 1

We talk about over-scheduling your summer, not having structure for your summer, being called a party pooper for not wanting to go camping with little kids and more!

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Coffee and Pearls – STQ: Sugar, Sex, Lent

Thinking of decluttering for Lent? The Kindle version of my book Not Of This World is free from March 7-11. Get it here:
The free Lenten Minimalism Challenge started yesterday! Join at
2. I’m totally off sugar and feeling like a superhero for all the things I’ve said no to. I did buy a sugar-free caramel syrup to put in my coffee though and that’s been delightful one or two mornings a week!
3. Your goals are like a campfire, not a chair. When you build a chair, you can expect it’ll be there tomorrow. When you build a campfire, you know you’ll have to rebuild it every morning. Focusing on goals and reigniting that fire should be a daily activity!
4. Did you see that all 9 Season of Little House on the Prairie are now on Amazon Prime??? This is one of the few shows we let our children watch. Check it out here:
5. I’m 12.5 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness and exhaustion are fading so I’m looking forward to a smooth sailing second trimester! Food is still a complete wildcard. I have no idea what I can eat or not but the baby promptly tells me when my husband says a food or when I smell a food! Currently, the baby always wants cheeseburgers and I’m blessed that my husband makes ah-mazing cheeseburgers! He won’t tell me how he spices them!
6. Sex in the middle of the night has been surprisingly good and has a lot less pressure! Listen to the podcast version of this and I explain why!
7. I am doing the Jesus Tree from Catholic Sprouts with the girls for Lent. I love the Jesse Tree of Advent so I was excited when she put this out. Order it now and start late because you know what, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly!


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Coffee and Pearls – Bringing Scents Into Your Prayer Life

How you can incorporate scents in your family prayer life! Check out I share my experience with their wonderful product and how I think we should all be incorporating scents into our prayer life!


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