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The goal of Forte Catholic is to #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. No matter where you are on your journey with God we want to help you take the next step by inspiring, uplifting, and sharing the Good News…all while laughing along the way. There is a weekly theme discussion, guest interviews from Catholic leaders from across the world and fun segments like “Unpublished Worship Songs”, the ForteFive countdown, “Who Was Paying Attention in Mass” on the weekly readings and much more. 

Taylor Schroll is a Catholic speaker, worship leader, radio host, track coach and avid gamer. He is a full-time missionary in Central Texas where he lives with his smoking hot wife Samantha and three beautiful kids(thanks wife). His goal in life is to Make Catholicism Fun Again by sharing the Joy of the Gospel and how we can live in the freedom that Christ won for us.

Forte Catholic Ep 122-Guest Joel Stepanek on humility & Jon Blevins update from inside Exodus 90

Jon Blevins co-hosts and gives an update from inside Exodus 90. Taylor’s take on the matter has become quite public so we let someone who’s in the middle of doing it report on how it’s going. Tune in to find out!
Joel Stepanek first came on the show as guest co-host on episode 33 and now rejoins to share about humility. His new book “Chasing Humility” is coming out just in time for Lent! It revolves around the Litany of Humility, which Jon and Taylor are terrible at. Joel gives insight into how many of us misunderstand humility. It was a fun and eye-opening convo.
The finish off the show, Taylor and Jon discuss dry spells in the spiritual life, how to deal with them & how to get out. And Taylor shares a modern day parenting miracle ;)

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Forte Catholic Ep 121-Super Bowl, Ad Orientum, Mass Confusion & words Taylor doesn’t understand

Ooooo boy! This one was wild! Taylor got very little sleep and loses it on the air! Fr. Anthony joins and tries to help with the meltdown, but even his priest powers can’t resist the tide. We talk Super Bowl, ad orientum Mass, and simple things that should have occurred to Taylor about the liturgy years ago but didn’t until this week.
Our guest this week is David Bates: British Catholic, fancy word user, owner of glasses which make him seem believable, & former unemployed hobo. Tune in for his accent, stay for his eloquent words on why C.S. Lewis is the man! Check him out at Restlesspilgrim.net and his podcast at pintswithjack.com.
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Forte Catholic Ep 120-The joy of a father, staying close to Christ. But wait…there’s more!

Shaun McAfee cohosts as we discuss how there is sooo much more in store for us than we often think in our relationship with God. We also talk about the joys of fatherhood, including conversations about Pokemon, Ariana Grande and what this all has to do with our faith.
The guys are joined this week by the founder of “Stay Close to Christ.”(StayclosetoChrist.com). We talk about how he was inspired to start a company to help people live their faith, and how it all started in his classroom. We also discuss tips for new dads(from two semi-decent Catholic parents). Use the code “forte” on your next Stay Close to Christ order for 20% off.
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Forte Catholic Ep 119-Funniest show yet! Blowing up the moon, Taylor was duped. Guest Chris Wesley

Just might be the funniest show yet! Fr. Anthony Sciarappa co-hosts as we talk follow up to the #Exodus90 convo on Ep 117 & how the audience trapped Taylor into becoming a better person.
In the second segment, Taylor is joined by youth ministry guru Chris Wesley. They shoot the breeze(literally?), talk about riding other people’s coattails, youth ministry stories and how to get out of the ruts we find ourselves in. Check out everything he’s doing at Marathon Youth Ministry.
And the final segment may be the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done. Fr. Anthony wants to blow up the moon!?!?! Taylor shares some spiritual insights in the moon and tries to back Padre into a corner. Was he successful? Tune in and find out!
BONUS: If you want another 17 minutes of Fr. Anthony & Taylor arguing about the moon(and it only got more and more insane as we dove deeper), head on over to Patreon.com/ForteCatholic for exclusive content just like this!
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Forte Catholic Ep 118-Taylor forgot to pray for you but Mary Bielski is authentic

Allison Sullivan co-hosts as we talk about intercessory prayer…and how bad Taylor is at it. Allison essentially preaches up a storm and looks at him with scorn so he will be better.
In the second segment, we’re joined by Mary Bielski. She travels the nation to speak and has run into Taylor a few times. She leads the convo on authenticity. (If you like this convo, there is a 30min bonus podcast that flows straight from this conversation on Patreon.com/ForteCatholic.)
In the final segment, everyone’s favorite character on the show, Rocco, joins us to talk about his Eagles losing and the importance of finding healing in order to move forward in the spiritual life.
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