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The goal of Forte Catholic is to #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. No matter where you are on your journey with God we want to help you take the next step by inspiring, uplifting, and sharing the Good News…all while laughing along the way. There is a weekly theme discussion, guest interviews from Catholic leaders from across the world and fun segments like “Unpublished Worship Songs”, the ForteFive countdown, “Who Was Paying Attention in Mass” on the weekly readings and much more. 

Taylor Schroll is a Catholic speaker, worship leader, radio host, track coach and avid gamer. He is a full-time missionary in Central Texas where he lives with his smoking hot wife Samantha and three beautiful kids(thanks wife). His goal in life is to Make Catholicism Fun Again by sharing the Joy of the Gospel and how we can live in the freedom that Christ won for us.

Forte Catholic Ep 99-Roman Circus Podcast Crossover, Catholic Twitter Craziness & show bloopers

This week was crazy on the Catholic Twitterverse and we talk about it throughout the show! From producer Sam being a hit on Catholic Twitter without even having a twitter account to my wife Sam(different person) being back on Twitter…it led to a lot of confusion and hilarity. Our guests this week are often at the center of Catholic Twitter…the hosts of the Roman Circus Podcast, Matt Baker & Zac Mabry. We talk about their show, our Twitter beef and share a special instant classic Forte Catholic moment in regards to their intro. We died laughing. We’re all dead now… In the final segment, we share some bloopers and behind the scenes into how the show is made. Enjoy and please help other find the show by leaving a review in iTunes and sharing the episode on your social media. catholic podcast CatholicPodcast Twitter Bloopers

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Forte Catholic Ep 98-Shaun McAfee on Social Media, Light in the Darkness & DMX

We kick this week’s show off trying to find some levity in the midst of troubling times. Taylor shares some recent realizations(and prank ideas) he’s had recently & producer Sam gives him a new challenge. In the second segment, Shaun McAfee rejoins the show to talk about his new book, “Social Media Magisterium” on the proper use of media in our time. It helps that since his first appearance on episode 76, Shaun and Taylor have spent countless hours playing video games & becoming great friends. Tune in for this laughfest with nuggets of truth bombs throughout from señor McA4! In the final segment, Taylor shares how one of his favorite rap songs from High School has ironically been helping him through the tough last few weeks. Tune in, subscribe, share with your friends & leave a review for time off of Purgatory! catholic christian podcast catholicpodcast hope joy social media DMX rap

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Forte Catholic Ep 96-Bearded Blevins, Bible Lens Hilarity & Chris Agron’s Catholic Memes

We kick off the show talking about the new Bible Lens App and how Taylor is using it to laugh non-stop. We share some of our best creations with you and invite you to play along! We also have not one but TWO guests this week! In the 2nd segment, we are joined by Catholic Video Game Streamer extraordinaire, Jonathan “Bearded” Blevins. He is a member of the “Royal Family of Twitch Streamers(a title bestowed by Taylor)” as the eldest brother of Ninja and Invictus. By day, Jonathan is a full-time Director of Evangelization and Catechesis at a parish up north and by night he is living out the New Evangelization in a special way by sharing the Gospel & the love of God on his Twitch stream(@BeardedBlevins). He is also answering people’s questions about faith while playing. His work is so refreshing in a place that is not usually uplifting. Jonathan is a fascinating dude and was a blast to speak with! In the final segment, Taylor is joined by fellow podcaster Chris Agron to talk about his obsession with Catholic memes. We hope you enjoy this double dose of people not named Taylor talking on the show! catholic christian gaming twitch fortnite scripture memes

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Forte Catholic Ep 95-Professional Actress/Model Kalyn Hemphill & new game “Life Verse”

This week’s episode is here! We are joined by professional actress and model, Kalyn Hemphill, to hear her story of living as a Christian in Hollywood. She is from Taylor’s hometown and became so much more successful than him! She is the winner of Project Runway Season 6 and has appeared in Days of Our Lives and NCIS:Los Angeles. She has a great story to share so tune in! The rest of the show, we play a new game called “Life Verse,” Taylor tells a joke he might regret and we talk about a new awesome app called Bible Lens that Taylor uses for some comedy. catholic christian podcast acting modeling scripture bible

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