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The goal of Forte Catholic is to #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. No matter where you are on your journey with God we want to help you take the next step by inspiring, uplifting, and sharing the Good News…all while laughing along the way. There is a weekly theme discussion, guest interviews from Catholic leaders from across the world and fun segments like “Unpublished Worship Songs”, the ForteFive countdown, “Who Was Paying Attention in Mass” on the weekly readings and much more. 

Taylor Schroll is a Catholic speaker, worship leader, radio host, track coach and avid gamer. He is a full-time missionary in Central Texas where he lives with his smoking hot wife Samantha and three beautiful kids(thanks wife). His goal in life is to Make Catholicism Fun Again by sharing the Joy of the Gospel and how we can live in the freedom that Christ won for us.

Forte Catholic Ep 107-Producer Sam returns from the Holy Land!

She’s here!!!!!!! Finally back from her trip to the Holy Land and the sickness that ensued, Sam returns and we update each other on what’s happened in the last month. She weighs in on all the shenanigans we pulled while she was gone AND she shares her experience of traveling to the Holy Land for the first time. We finish the show off talking about the effects of Confirmation and how the Sacrament is(and isn’t…) affecting us today.
For a bonus track from this episode involving Taylor forgetting how to speak(it was reallllly bad), check out our community over on Patreon.

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Forte Catholic Ep 106-Win the lottery & fight a baby elephant? Guest author of “Jesus Loves Movies”

Producer Sam and Fr. Jared Cooke were supppooooosed to be here this week to share about their trip to the Holy Land. But alas, they were both sick(I blame the Holy Land…) so AJ Barrows guest produced. Instead of talking the beauty of the Holy Land, we talked about what we would do if we won the 1.6 billion dollar lotto, finding happiness AND(of course) who would win in a fight: Taylor or a baby elephant.
Our guest this week is the author of “Jesus Loves Movies,” Phil Strangolagalli(yea, you try to pronounce it!). His book walks through 30 of our favorite films and draws out connections to our walk with Christ in them. I was fascinated by some of the brilliant connections he makes. I’m gonna go watch a movie now! Enjoy the episode!

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Forte Catholic Ep 105-Crazy travel & ?’s w/co host Allison Sullivan & a former Swiss Guard guest

Allison Sullivan rejoins the show to co-host this episode! We discuss the good, bad & ugly of our week’s, including ANOTHER terrible travel experience for Taylor.
In the second segment, Taylor releases an interview from last month with former Swiss Guard, Andreas Widmer. He is in the running for most interesting man in the world. He was a Swiss Guard for JPII, once had Christmas Eve Dinner with the Pope, made a fortune in the dot com era, was essential in the creation of the voice recognition tech we now now as Siri or Alexa. He’s fascinating! He currently teaches Entrepreneurship and the Catholic University of America where he shares the essential business principles he has learned throughout the years, how it affects our faith & much more!
In the final segment, Allison & Taylor pick up where we left off last week in answering questions from YOU, the listener. We spend most of our time discussing the qualities we look for in friends.
I hope you enjoy the episode! If you do, please like/rate in your podcasting service of choice AND share a link to the episode with your friends or social media feed. Thanks!

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Forte Catholic Ep 104-I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends Guest/TeaWithTolkien

Producer Sam is in the Holy Land so Taylor is all alone in the studio…..sooooo this week’s show was crowd sourced! We got tons of questions and topics submitted by you the listeners. From CrossFit to Fortnite to chicken nuggets to Vatican III, we have something for everyone this week!
I also throw absolute shade at my frenemies at the Roman Circus podcast with the help of Fr. Anthony Sciarappa and throw shade at said priest with the help of his brother, producer Nick Sciarappa. Producer Sam wasn’t around to carry the show so creativity and assistance from everyone involved was needed.
In the second segment, I am joined by my co-nemesis @TeaWithTolkien to talk about our “beef”, her Catholic Twitter title & of course….tea & Tolkien.
Tune in to this very different but super interesting(I’m biased) episode! Let me know what you think of today’s format and content on social media.
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Forte Catholic Ep 103-Two Year Anniversary Show w/guest Chris Mueller

Celebrating two years of Taylor talking too much! This episode marks the two year mark from the first Forte Catholic episode airing on RED-C Radio. We start off with a mini-celebration, update on Producer Sam and talk about her upcoming trip to the Holy Land. In the second segment, Chris Mueller of EverydayCatholic.com joins the show. He’s essentially the successful & better looking version of Taylor. We talk about what speaks to a regular Catholic and how to lead from the pews. In the final segment, we talk about how Beyoncé’s “Halo” & Taylor’s recent lunch choice apply to a few of this week’s feast days. We also talk about #InternationalPodcastDay, give away a prize & Taylor’s conversation with a Catholic Twitter bot. #MakeCatholicismFunAgain If you enjoyed the show, please take a few seconds to subscribe to & rate the show in your podcasting app. Also, share the link to the episode on your social media. Extra time out of Purgatory for all who assist in this work of the Lord catholic christian podcast catholicism anniversary Holy Land Laity Beyonce International Podcast Day Twitter

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