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The goal of Forte Catholic is to #MakeCatholicismFunAgain. No matter where you are on your journey with God we want to help you take the next step by inspiring, uplifting, and sharing the Good News…all while laughing along the way. There is a weekly theme discussion, guest interviews from Catholic leaders from across the world and fun segments like “Unpublished Worship Songs”, the ForteFive countdown, “Who Was Paying Attention in Mass” on the weekly readings and much more. 

Taylor Schroll is a Catholic speaker, worship leader, radio host, track coach and avid gamer. He is a full-time missionary in Central Texas where he lives with his smoking hot wife Samantha and three beautiful kids(thanks wife). His goal in life is to Make Catholicism Fun Again by sharing the Joy of the Gospel and how we can live in the freedom that Christ won for us.

Forte Catholic Ep 81-Paul George on finding happiness, crazy Acts stories & Catholic guilt

Speaker, author, podcaster and man who changed Taylor’s life, Paul George joins the show this week to talk about how we all want to be happy and how to find true happiness. Check out his work at paulgeorge.la. Segment 1 has a fun diversion into a conversion on friendship but centers on two crazy stories from Acts, one of which gives Taylor hope for sainthood(crazy right?!?!) In the final segment, Taylor has a convo with producer Sam and Catholic Guilt, shame and how to get out of it. Please like, rate and subscribe on whatever podcasting service you are using. Thanks! catholic christian podcast happiness guilt shame acts scripture

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Forte Catholic Ep 80-Trent Horn on #FakeNews about the saints. Topics: Marriage, service & bad puns

This week, producer Sam picks from a plethora of topics! She chose marriage and service….so that is what we talked about! We are also joined by regular guest Trent Horn as he sets the record straight on #FakeNews about the saints! We go through some common sayings attributed to saints or the Bible that aren’t actually real. For more on the topic, check out his newest book “What the Saints Never Said: Pious Misquotes and the Subtle Heresies They Teach You.” Next week, YOU decide the topic! Leave a comment in an iTunes review of which of the following topics you would like to hear about next or let Taylor know on social media Topic ideas: -Ambition -Crazy stories from the book of Acts -Taylor thinking about other religions -Taking risks -Producer Sam on Guilt/Shame -(Insert your topic here) Facebook: Forte Catholic Twitter/Instagram: @TaylorSchroll catholic christian podcast saints marriage service puns

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Forte Catholic Ep 78-Guests Daniel Glaze from “That Catholic Couple” & Katie Hartfiel

We kicked off this week’s show in interesting fashion(hint: Taylor lost his voice). So producer Sam helped him along in the first segment in a discussion of the story of doubting Thomas, the power of art and how Taylor is looking at the story completely differently now. We also have two big time guests this week! In the second segment, we are joined by Katie Hartfiel, a popular speaker and author and one of Taylor’s newest friends. She shares the powerful story of how her and her husband met and fell in love. Everyone in the studio got goosebumps when we heard it because of how it exemplifies the power of prayer. If you like the story, you can hear more in her book “Woman in Love” or buy it for a friend. She also shares about another book she just released on the Marian consecration prayer called “Totus Tuus” In the final segment, we are joined by Daniel Glaze from “That Catholic Couple,” one of the leading Catholic YouTube channels. We talked about how they got started, the greatest moments in the show’s history, donuts, him losing to his wife in #MinistryMadness and how they deal with haters. catholic christian Podcast love youtube scripture

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Forte Catholic Ep 79-Everett Fritz, Spiderman & Purgatory

Fun show this week as we(finally!) get to the segment on one of the best clips from Spiderman: Homecoming. We will see how eerily similar this clip is to Taylor’s spiritual life, and most likely yours as well. Then Everett Fritz rejoins the show to discuss the release of his new book “The Art of Forming Intentional Disciples.” But first, Taylor teaches him how to open a radio segment(hilarity ensued.) We talk practicals of how to actually get started with discipleship in your parish. Then Taylor planned on talking about marriage but instead tells his favorite Purgatory joke instead and runs out of time. Totally worth it! catholic christian podcast discipleship purgatory Spiderman marriage

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