The Gifts of the Holy Spirit during Holy Mass
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About our drink:

The flagship release from Talisker is their 10-year-old single malt. Talisker 10 is bottled at an endearingly quirky 45.8% ABV (91.6 proof).

Vital Stats: 45.8% ABV (91.6 proof), aged 10 years, 100% malted barley, available around $55-65 per 750 ml bottle.

Appearance: Golden amber. Medium legs.

Nose: Brine, seaweed, light peat, gingerbread, grapefruit zest, iodine, and bandages.

Palate: Sweet and appropriately smokey, salt, pepper, celery salt, nougat, moderately oily mouthfeel. A smokey finish lingers long and reveals spice notes, black pepper, clove. (

About the gear:

Sleeping bags. These were all our original ideas and we definitely didn't have any help or sourced from Backpacker Magazine. 🙂

About our topic:

Our topic comes from a book Adam has been reading called, “Nothing Superfluous”. It's a mindblowing book that shows how we receive each gift of the Holy Spirit during a specific part of the Holy Mass in order to receive the necessary grace to pray the Holy Mass well.

Drinking: Talisker 10 Year

Gear: Sleeping Bags

Discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit you receive during Holy Mass

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