What can we learn from the parables that Jesus shares in Scripture?
Questions Covered:

14:40 – When a Gentile woman asks Jesus to heal her possessed daughter and they have an exchange about her being like a dog, what does that mean? 
21:20 – Why was the wine sour that Jesus took when he was on the Cross? 
32:42 – Why does Jesus tell the disciples in the gospel of Mark that he speaks in parables to others but will explain their meaning to the disciples? 
36:22 – Is it possible to read the parable of the Prodigal Son as an example of someone who falls away from the faith, and then returns? 
38:20 – Can you explain what it meant when Jesus said when he said, in order to follow me, you must hate your mother, brother, etc.? 
46:35 – Who sowed the good seed and who sowed the bad seed in the parable of the wheat? 
51:54 – Can you explain the parable of the man who finds the treasure in the field? 

Resources Mentioned:

Secrets From Heaven: Hidden Treasures of the Faith in the Parables and Conversations of Jesus