Cy Kellett and senior apologist, Jimmy Akin, discuss a variety of questions submitted via email and social media. If you have a question you’d like to submit for the next internet open forum, please email it to  
Questions Covered:

02:50 – In Hebrews, it says, “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Why is this passage often used to rule out reincarnation? How do the experts know that “the judgement” is the very last possible event, and no event can possibly occur after it? 
14:20 – Why should the Vatican remain independent and not become part of Italy? Is that good theology? Is that good practically for the Church? 
18:30 – Can we clone you, so that you can answer more of our questions and have time to do so. 
19:52 – Much recent biblical scholarship denies that John 20:19-23 is relevant to the office of the priest and the sacrament of penance. Your thoughts? 
24:16 – I’ve always wondered, if everything is present to God, was Jesus humanity with him in heaven prior to coming to earth? If he took on humanity at a specific time, how do we reconcile that God has no future? 

32:01 – Are there perfect and imperfect acts of charity/love as there are contrition-like I do the good so that I check the box rather than for the love of Christ? 
34:40 – In light of the recent Netflix series Waco coming out, perhaps you could talk a little about the book of revelation and the seven seals that David Koresh was obsessed with, and how a lot of fundamentalist Christian denomination misinterpret the writing as a whole? 
41:44 – Why aren’t the bishops acting faster getting us the Sacraments? 
46:12 – What is the best answer to those that believe once we are saved and become children of God, he will never disown us or stop being our father? In other words, they say once we are his children, we can’t lose salvation. 
50:18 – Are there any arguments or reasons that justify the use of the nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The consensus in Catholic articles indicate that the bombings were completely unjustified.