Questions Covered:

15:51 – Is it a sin NOT to make a daily examination of conscience? 
19:34 – I am a Catholic and have a girlfriend who is non-denominational. What do we need to do to be married in the Catholic Church? 
21:59 – In John 6, Jesus says to eat his Body and drink his Blood. Would they have known how to do that? 
28:38 – What is the primary mission of the Catholic Church? 
32:06 – If the Catholic Church is the one true Church, then why is the Holy Spirit so clearly moving in Protestant churches? 
35:35 – What can I do to feel God more? 
40:50 – Why is it easier to get an annulment today versus in the past? 
48:30 – My son is dating a non-Catholic Christian and they are considering marriage. She plans to contracept because she only wants one child. Is this okay? 
51:14 – Protestant friends have invited me to their services. Is it appropriate for me to go?