Questions Covered:

07:52 – Roman Catholics tell me that there is an increase of justification or faith plus works because of the loss of salvation due to mortal sins. If a Catholic never commits a mortal sin, then does that mean they are living Sola Fide, without works? 
17:08 – How do Catholics know that the way they are electing popes is the way the early Church did it? 
22:24 – I am a Protestant. Where do Catholics get the theology of redemptive suffering?  
33:48 – In talking with a Baptist friend of mine, we spoke about the papacy and the original Church being the Catholic Church. She challenged me saying that there are many religious orders within the Catholic Church, just like the denominations in the Protestant world. How can I respond to this? 
42:25 – My family is becoming Catholic. I have family members who say that the early Church was not Catholic until Constantine. How can I respond to them?