Questions Covered:

12:24 – How can Catholic politicians who are pro-abortion still be allowed to receive communion? This made me leave the Catholic Church. 
18:12 – How can the Catholic Church say that there isn’t or hasn’t been corruption in the Magisterium that hasn’t led to error in the Church? 
28:54 – How do you get a Protestant to accept your words when they are saying the same thing as you but not admitting it? 
34:54 – My sister recently headed toward the Lutheran church and I want to bring her back to the Catholic Church. How can I tell her that the Lutheran church is not the same as the Catholic Church? 
43:09 – Can you explain the intercession of saints? 
49:06 – When the Catholic Church grants an annulment, does it make the children from that removed marriage illegitimate? 
51:28 – What are ways to evangelize our Catholic children?