How do Catholics interpret Sacred Scripture? Find out here, with Jimmy Akin.
Questions Covered: 

01:48 – Which chapter of the book of Revelation do you think we are currently experiencing? 
07:02 – What is a good resource for studying the Bible? 
15:02 – Does the Old Testament predict that the Messiah will be divine? 
20:46 – Who are the people that put the Bible together? 
29:15 – Is there an audio commentary on the book of Job? 
35:10 – How do you understand the discrepancies between Matthew and Luke’s gospel accounts of Christ’s birth? 
46:16 – How can we tell when Jesus is speaking literally? 
50:35 – Is there any biblical evidence for the sinlessness of Joseph? 
52:28 – How can Saul’s accounts and words be taken seriously when he was a horrible man and murderer? How do you know that he had a real conversion?

Resources Mentioned:

Ignatius Study Bible
Ignatius Press Bible Introduction
A Daily Defense: 365 Day (Plus One)