Bible questions, Catholic Answers.
Questions Covered:

05:25 – Are Catholics required to accept the Exodus as an historical event? 
13:58 – Who is the angel of death in the story of the Exodus? 
15:59 – How is the creation story compatible with what we know of the beginnings of the world? 
19:51 – Does Genesis tell us when Adam and Eve died or if they went to hell? 
28:57 – What does Sirach 7:14 mean? Does this mean we shouldn’t pray the rosary? 
35:15 – Is Psalms 51:5 evidence for original sin? 
43:20 – Did the Jews of Jesus’ time accept the deuterocanonical books as a part of the canon? 
49:45 – Is Mary Magdalene the same woman as Mary, the sister of Martha?