Bible questions, Catholic Answers.
Questions Covered:

03:24 – What does the Bible say about the difference between mortal and venial sin? 
13:11 – There seems to be a contradiction between Matthew 28:2 and Luke 24:2. How do we reconcile these? 
18:48 – There is a verse in Numbers 5 that pro-choice people use to say abortion is Bible approved. How can I refute this? 
28:43 – In different places in the gospels, Peter is referred to as Simon, son of Jonah, and Simon, son of John. Which is it? Who is his father? 
32:28 – Some flat earthers say that the Bible supports their theory. Is this true? 
37:35 – What was the authenticity of the Council of Janmia?  
43:40 – In John 20:17, Jesus says, “I ascend to my Father and your Father, and to my God and your God.” How do you explain that? 
50:49 – How can I speak with my Protestant friends about Mary as the woman in the Revelation?