Scott Weeman, founder of Catholic in Recovery, joins us to help callers navigate
Questions Covered:

17:00 – I am dealing with addiction with my son. He has attempted to be sober numerous times, but his selfishness has torn our family apart. We are heading toward the holidays. What can we do? 
24:35 – What do you advise about my alcoholic husband? What can I do to help him? It seems like nothing has helped. 
35:33 – My son has been addicted to drugs. He always tells me he needs money and wants me to pay for everything and tells me he wants to get better. I haven’t seen him in two years, but he badgers me constantly. What should I do? 
44:25 – How do I maintain chastity with my girlfriend when we are both drawn continuously back into sexual sin? We are both addicted to unchastity. 
50:26 – What is your opinion on prevention for alcohol addiction? It seems like most Catholic events revolve around alcohol.