Questions Covered:

02:08 – Following up on work ethic discussion – I’m not a Protestant, but from my studies, it seems that the thought behind the Protestant work ethic is that God favors you with earthly success as a sign of your being saved. 
08:18 – What is the theological significance of the doctrine of Mary’s perpetual virginity? 
16:38 – Why do Catholics celebrate the sabbath on Sunday instead of Saturday? 
21:10 – Why does the Catholic Church have a hierarchy instead of everyone having a personal relationship with Christ? 
29:33 – My son is starting to fall away from Catholicism because he’s getting ideas about what Jesus did when he was growing up–like he might have been drinking, partying, having sex, etc. 
42:07 – Is it possible that the Protestant work ethic developed because they weren’t taking off the feast days that Catholics were taking off? 
46:30 – Why is the Protestant Lord’s Prayer different from the Catholic one? 
49:16 – Is there a difference in how Catholics and Protestants view guardian angels? 
51:15 – How do Catholics interpret “six days shall you work”?