Questions Covered:

11:23 – Protestants claim that when Jesus said the law was not abolished but fulfilled in him he was saying that there was no longer any need for mediators between God and man. Is this true? 
18:05 – The readings today discuss the genealogy of Joseph. Do we have a genealogy of Mary? 
19:01 – What is your book recommendation for learning about the biblical roots of the sacraments? 
21:23 – Why would the Vatican put an astronaut in the Nativity scene? 
29:29 – Are there things that Catholic business owners should not take part in or have business in? For example, selling incense and candles. 
35:02 – Did Jesus have a guardian angel?  
41:15 – What is your opinion of the Scriptural rosary? 
43:27 – At the wedding feast at Cana, Mary tells the servants what to do. How likely was it that servants would heed the words of a guest at a wedding? 
46:47 – What is the Catholic teaching on predestination? 
51:28 – Is the book of Job real or just a story? If it’s true, why don’t we call him St. Job? 

Resources Mentioned:

Biblical Roots of the Mass by Tom Nash
What Did Jesus Do? by Tom Nash