Fr. Hugh Barbour counsels and answers listeners as they call with questions of a pastoral nature. He offers advice on marriage, family, work, the liturgy, and much more.
Questions Covered:

08:00 – Can Catholics read heretical works? Why or why not? 
11:24 – I am not a Catholic yet. I am thinking about my first confession. I am frightened and embarrassed, and I don’t know where to start or what to do. Can you help me? 
24:08 – What is mystical wisdom? 
30:13 – If God is the first effect, how is that evil entered the world if there was only good before him? 
35:31 – Is the mark of the beast real? What should I know about it? 

41:03 – Why did St. John the Baptist send two of his disciples to Jesus to ask if they were following the right man? 
45:14 – Has the Church forgotten about the dogma that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation? 
48:10 – I went to confession and received no penance. Is it valid? 
50:32 – Why do we need confession? 
53:10 – Is it moral for women to do and wear makeup, paint nails, etc?