Questions Covered:

04:13 – When the Church says Mary was free from sin, does that mean she was free from objective sin or subjective sin? 
06:52 – Is it a problem for me to start a school for classical education when my diocese doesn’t want me to? 
14:29 – When is it appropriate to watch certain news topics around people with morally incorrect opinions who might be scandalized? 
20:04 – Leviticus 25 says Israelites shouldn’t be enslaved but foreigners can be. How can I talk about this? 
24:39 – How true is the description of “devouring flames” in purgatory? 
33:23 – Could the number of the beast represent a lack of the sabbath day? 
44:21 – My brother was cremated but not buried. Are we supposed to bury him? If so, how should I bring it up to my family? 
50:08 – Should we pray the Luminous mysteries if they weren’t revealed by Our Lady to St. Dominic?