Manual for Women from Danielle Bean & TAN books.
Topics & Links:
*  My honor to be an occasional co-host for: Catholic MomCast!
*  An inspiring look at authentic womanhood
*  The Blessed Mother, Mary, as our Model of Womanhood
*  The Gift of Generosity; Sensitivity; and Beauty:
                  * Choosing God’s Will over Ours
                  * Cooperating with God’s Will (Utilizing Grace!)
                  * Being a Teacher of the Art of Love
                  * Tuning into our Fellow Human Beings
and so much more…   
A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras Podcast — Drops Mondays and Thursdays. Monday’s show is recorded live at 12:30 pm et on Reconciled To You on FB).  This second podcast will include an interview with the author from the book featured on Monday’s show; will also be recorded LIVE on Facebook this time Thursday with times vary according to Author availability.