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We are on the Lord’s team. The winning side. So raise your glass! Cheers to Jesus!
The Catholic Man Show started in May of 2016 when Adam Minihan and David Niles realized, after running a Catholic radio station in Tulsa, the need for Catholic radio programs for men.
Real, relatable, and often comical, Adam and David have a conversation promoting the lost art of living virtuously. Every episode is broken up into 3 parts.

  • A Manly Drink – We open, review, and enjoy a manly beverage on air while promoting the virtue of moderation and enjoying the finer things in life that our Lord has given to us.
  • A Manly Gear – We highlight a specific gear that every man should own and how it applies to living a Catholic life in this world.
  • A Manly Topic – Deemed (by us) as “the manliest conversation you will ever hear.” We talk about different topics related to the Catholic man.

The Catholic Man Show – The Psalms

The Psalms with Thomas Lackey

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Listen to our other episodes with Thomas here:

About our drink: Sandeman Port

About the gear: The Daily Psalms

About our topic: Psalms

Drinking: Port

Gear: The Daily Psalms

Discussing the Psalms

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The Catholic Man Show – Haylee & Pamela join TCMS

Our wives join us to answer Q&A. We talk about prayer life, family life, and marriage.

About our drink: Homemade Mead

About the gear: N/A

About our topic: Q&A with our wives.

Drinking: Mead

Gear: N/A

Answering Q&A with our wives

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The Catholic Man Show – Sacred Liturgy with Bishop Edward Slattery

Bishop Emeritus Edward J. Slattery joins us to talk about the sacred liturgy.

About our drink: N/A 

About the gear: N/A

About our topic: The Sacred Liturgy

A few things we discuss in the episode:

  1. Ad Orientem: Ad orientem, Latin for “to the east”, is a posture in Christian liturgy, today generally unrelated to the geographical east. Practically, it only means that the priest offers Mass (Eucharist) on the same side of the altar as the people, facing the same direction as the people, which, depending on the orientation of the church and the position of the altar within it, can be towards the west or any other direction rather than to the east and thus no longer has the significance it once had of facing east, the rising sun, which, according to a traditionalist Catholic view is symbolic of the “New Jerusalem”, with the priest leading his flock as the Good Shepherd does.
  2. The Spirit of the Liturgy by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
  3. The Traditional Latin Mass – The Traditional Latin Mass was the exclusive form celebrated during the Second Vatican Council. As a matter of fact, most of the changes that have been introduced by the 1960’s liturgical reform took place in the years after the Second Vatican Council. The Council itself never abolished the traditional liturgy, and its famous document about the Liturgy of the Church, “Sacrosanctum Concillium,” mentions only the possibility of some adaptations but never called for the change of language nor the rite of the Holy Mass as a whole.It is, therefore, very desirable that all the faithful should know the traditional liturgy and should be able to understand its significance and its importance for the future of Holy Mother Church.

Drinking: N/A

Gear: N/A

Discussing sacred liturgy with Bishop Edward Slattery

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The Catholic Man Show – C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters #2 w/ David Bates

David Bates joins us in studio to continue our conversation about C.S. Lewis and his work, The Screwtape Letters

Check out David Bates podcast, Pints with Jack

We recorded this episode the morning we were leaving for the 3rd annual Catholic Man Show campout. We hope you enjoy the episode. Be sure to thank David Bates for coming onto the show!

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The Catholic Man Show – C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters

David Bates joins us in studio to discuss C.S. Lewis and his work, The Screwtape Letters

Check out David Bates podcast, Pints with Jack

About our drink: Vat 69

David Bates brought this from across the pond, as you can not get it here in the States. Vat 69 was the go-to scotch for Lewis, so it was very fitting for us to be sipping on the drink while talking about the Christian author.

The iconic Vat 69 bottle with its bulbous neck was introduced to the market and was not changed for about one hundred years. In 1882, William Sanderson prepared one hundred casks of blended whisky and hired a panel of experts to taste them. The batch from the cask (or “vat”) with number 69 was judged to be the best, and this provided the whisky’s brand name. The whisky was at first bottled in port bottles. In 1884, Sanderson bought the Glen Garioch distillery which was situated in the middle of a barley field. The distillery was meant to ensure the delivery of grain whisky.

About our gear:


About our topic: 

C.S. Lewis was a British writer and theologian. He is best known for his works of fiction, especially The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Space Trilogy, and for his non-fiction Christian apologetics, such as Mere Christianity, Miracles, and The Problem of Pain.

The Screwtape Letters is a Christian apologetic novel written in a satirical format where the plot and characters are used to address Christian theological issues, primarily those to do with temptation and resistance to it.

Drinking: Vat 69

Gear: N/A

Discussing C.S. Lewis and The Screwtape Letters

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