We need to have a convo about NFP (Natural Family Planning)
Note: We did an episode on NFP as one of our first episodes. It might be good… it might not. No promises. Lol
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For the first time, we tried Highland Park 12 year. The entry level bottling from Scotland's most northerly distillery, Highland Park, aged for 12 years with plenty of citrus and green notes.

Let's be honest, you don't know the difficulties in wearing a baby carrier until you have to do it. We go through some things you might want to think about before buying one. Here's the article we referenced. The 5 Best Baby Carriers for 2019

The video below has a lot of extra content not in the episode.

Drinking: Highland Park 12 year

Gear: Baby Carrier

Discussing NFP

If this is your first time listening to The Catholic Man Show, we do 3 things almost every episode:


1.) Open, review, and enjoy a man beverage – Minutes 1-12.

2.) Highlight a man gear – Minutes 12-24.

3.) Have a manly conversation – Minutes 24-48.

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