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In a culture that seeks to place men in a predetermined category, Bear Woznick defies easy classification.  A rare combination of serious adventure seeker, husband, father and devout Catholic, Bear’s creed,  “the most radical thing you can do in life is to abandon yourself to the wild adventure of God’s will,” dynamites an opening in people’s souls to the possibilities that God has for them.

As a World Champion surfer, certified Ninja Black Belt, creator of the reality TV series Long Ride Home and all around adventurer, Bear’s life message transparently communicates the thrills and spills of a life lived in the quest of abandonment to God.  His life inspires people to rise to the unique challenge and purpose that God has for them in every dimension of their lives.

Men and women want a challenge. They want an adventure and they want meaning.  Throughout his use of media – writing, blogging, reality TV, radio features on the virtues, his talks and his show The Bear Woznick Adventure – Bear inspires people to a high calling as well as a weightiness of purpose that gives them traction to lead by example those that God has called them to serve.

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Using the Arts to Influence for the Good (Jimmy Mitchell)


Jimmy Mitchell joins Bear this week to talk story about redeeming culture through art. Beauty knows no enemy so how do we apply that to our lives? Simply put we must pierce people’s hearts, captivate them first, and then let truth & goodness invade next. This and this alone will not only lead to conversion of heart but conversion of our culture as well.

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Early Church Villians (Mike Aquilina)

Most days we’re content to putter around the yard, poke around a car engine, or play golf. But in today’s Church, it’s dangerous to remain complacent.

Mike Aquilina joins Bear to talk about the villains of the early Church and how we can go deeper in prayer, study, and our faith to combat the enemies of the Church today.

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Talking BBQ & Jesus (Sean Lynn)

We need men like John the Baptist now more than ever. We need to hear the roar of manly voices saying ‘give your life to Jesus’. We need to walk the straight path, understand the teachings of the Church and live a life of virtue. We don’t have to be rigid however. Life CAN be fun. Join Sean Lynn and I as we talk story about the faith, BBQ and Jesus!

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Getting Work Right (Dr. Michael Naughton)


It’s a reality in life that we have to work but what is the proper balance of work and the rest of our lives? Dr. Michael Naughton and Bear discuss how to find that perfect balance and not allow work to become our first priority.

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Overcoming being Raised in Alcoholic Home (John Sablan)


An unfortunate reality is the terrible effect alcoholism can have in a family. John Sablan faced that in his own family as a teen. John shares with us the feeling of being consumed by the water of the world, being drowned, and the riptides pulling him away.

The story doesn’t end there. If you are facing the same darkness as a result of the effects at the hands of someone fighting alcoholism there is hope. This week we are throwing you a boogie board to latch onto. Join John and I as we discuss how you can use these situations and pain in your life to excel.

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