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In a culture that seeks to place men in a predetermined category, Bear Woznick defies easy classification.  A rare combination of serious adventure seeker, husband, father and devout Catholic, Bear’s creed,  “the most radical thing you can do in life is to abandon yourself to the wild adventure of God’s will,” dynamites an opening in people’s souls to the possibilities that God has for them.

As a World Champion surfer, certified Ninja Black Belt, creator of the reality TV series Long Ride Home and all around adventurer, Bear’s life message transparently communicates the thrills and spills of a life lived in the quest of abandonment to God.  His life inspires people to rise to the unique challenge and purpose that God has for them in every dimension of their lives.

Men and women want a challenge. They want an adventure and they want meaning.  Throughout his use of media – writing, blogging, reality TV, radio features on the virtues, his talks and his show The Bear Woznick Adventure – Bear inspires people to a high calling as well as a weightiness of purpose that gives them traction to lead by example those that God has called them to serve.

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Sound the Trumpet – The Victory Begins Through Spiritual Warfare (John Heinen)


A trumpet player who played in the Olympics talks about sounding the Trumpet of Spiritual Warfare and the false infallibility we give to science but reject the Church.  

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God Trains Men on the Battlefield (Fr. Rick Heilman)


Fr. Rick discusses his book The Church Militant Field Manual: Special Forces Training for the Life in Christ. How his promising collegiate football career ended suddenly with a neck injury and God set him on a path for the Priesthood. 

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The Bear Woznick Adventure 397 – Jerome Richter – Pray or Die!

Boy do I have a story to share with you this episode! The Church is big and as it has grown it has encountered various cultures and practices. When it does this it does not come into a culture and destroy it, it seeks out the beauty of those cultures and integrates their practices with the Catholic faith. One example is the Native American practice of sweats.

Jerome Richter VP of Public Affairs at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND tells us his experience in a sweat and how it united him in a lifelong brotherhood to a friend who became a priest. It was intense. 270 degrees of intense! Spiritually, it was an hour and a half of pure focus….pray or die!

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The Bear Woznick Adventure 396 – Dallas Carter – Witness to Fitness

I think in life sometimes we get hit right between the eyes with a reality check. When that happens we realize we need to make some changes. That’s what life is all about…growth and change. Such was the case when Dallas Carter faced reality and shed 200+ pounds.

I’m anxious for you to hear Dallas’ message about losing weight and staying healthy. Whether it’s walking, running, biking or jiu jitsu find an activity you enjoy and challenge yourself to get in shape. No excuses, anyone can do this. Learn how on this week’s Bear Woznick Adventure.

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The Bear Woznick Adventure 395 – Dr. Peter Kreeft – Surf the waves of God’s will

The ocean is like God – it keeps you humble. You can’t control it, and if you try to, you will wipe out. But if you let yourself be carried by the waves, you’re in for a mystical experience. On this week’s show, Dr. Peter Kreeft and I discuss how to surf the waves of God’s will. You won’t want to miss it!

Dr. Peter Kreeft, a convert to Catholicism, has written 75 books on apologetics and currently teaches philosophy at Boston College.

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