Fr. Jonathan Meyer joins us to talk about his thoughts on Catholic Culture.
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Great meeting you Paul at the E6 Men's Conference – thanks for the whiskey!

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Fr. Jonathan Meyer was very kind and invited to his rectory to record an episode of TCMS with 7 of his seminarians. Fr. Meyer gave an excellent homily at the E6 Men's conference (video below), but what stood out to us was the way he celebrated the liturgy. He had over 20 altar servers at the Holy Mass and we found out that is not abnormal for him at his parish! So we chatted with him about a clothing line he wants someone to start, the Catholic Culture he is created, and his prayer life.

We want to thank Joe Yunger, Andrew Middendorf, and the whole team for inviting us to the E6 Men's Conference. Keep up the great work!


Drinking: New Riff Whiskey

Talking about a potential clothing line as a man gear.

Discussing Catholic Culture.

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DRINK: New Riff Whiskey

GEAR: E6 Clothing Line

TOPIC: Catholic Culture

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